April 16, 2024

More Exposure for Your Content

Content Marketing Means Content ExposureGet More Traction and Exposure for Your Content

Here are some practical tips to gain more exposure for your content.

Put the marketing back in your content marketing.

Share Buttons

Content with sharing buttons is 700 % more likely to be shared than content without such buttons. Make it easy for others to share your content if they indeed want to share it.

Remove Barriers

Do people really need to register to access your content? Remember that content marketing is about sharing.

Create Delightful Content

People love to smile. Bring something special into other’s lives with your content. Try to entertain, educate, inspire . . .

Long Form Content

A study revealed that 90% of the New York Times most emailed articles are over 3,000 words. You may want to create a delightful guide that can help your readers solve a problem.

Craft an Engaging Headline

Make it tweetable and descriptive. Note that list posts can get up to 50% more shares.

Use a Delightful Visual

A BuzzSumo analysis of over 100 million articles found that posts with images get twice as many shares as posts without.

Revive Relevant Content

It is perfectly OK to revive evergreen content. Great evergreen content does not die. Recently I listened to a great podcast by Tim Roberts on business networking that is old but still completely relevant. Publish on other platforms (Twitter or LinkedIn for example) to get more exposure for your valuable evergreen content.

Repurpose Content

I have a colleague that posted a post in his blog that over time had 7,000 page views. He repurposed the same post as a slide show and distributed it on Slideshare it was viewed more than 12,000 times on Slideshare and in a much shorter period of time than it took to get 7,000 views on his blog.

Can you turn a blog post into a presentation, a video or podcast?

I have turned blog posts into a Prezi with great success. Also, it is easy to embed a Prezi into a blog post or website page. A Prezi is easy to share.

Tool to check out: Prezi

Curate Content

Be helpful to your audience by curating content and saving them time.

Tool to check out: Buffer

Use Hashtags

Some may argue that the hashtag is the most important innovation in social media. For example, whenever I use a hashtag on Twitter whatever I tweet gets significantly more views, favorites and retweets. Therefore, the simple act of adding a hashtag helps increase exposure.

Learn to use hashtags to get more exposure for your content. Moreover, better hashtags get your social media post found and shared.

Here is a teaser that shows how using Rite Tag can help you select a better hashtag.

Tool to check out: Rite Tag

Engage Collaborators

Get the people you collaborate with to promote (share) your content to their audience if this makes sense. It makes sense if your content is well suited to delight their audience. You should also reciprocate and share their content if this makes sense for your audience.

It is a good idea to have a list of people that can and will help you to promote your content for each content piece you create.