May 27, 2024

The Expansion of the Internet

The Expansion of the Internet

It is already huge and getting bigger all the time.

The Internet is a big place and it is getting bigger – an expanding universe of content. It is vast and has tools, information and entertainment for any taste or fancy. The Internet also allows us to connect and engage with others in our various communities. For example, let’s say we are very fond of donuts and want to connect with other dedicated fans of donuts.

The Internet offers the following ways to connect (just to name a few):

  • Your Blog: I am a (self-proclaimed) authority on donuts
  • Twitter: I’m eating a #donut
  • Facebook: I like donuts
  • Flicker: Over 1 billion photos of donuts
  • Foursquare: This is where I eat donuts
  • YouTube: Here is my cat eating a donut
  • LinkedIn: I am good a eating donuts
  • Pinterest: Here is a recipe for my favorite donut
  • G+: I work for Google and eat donuts

OK – a bit of humor but let’s now look at two significant factors that are going to make the Internet even more valuable and more sweeping.

1. More People and More Online

Below is a link to a website that is tracking the number of Internet users – world-wide – in a live tracking mode. The count is now over 3.1 billion Internet users.Expansion of the Internet - Internet Trends - Internet Users

The WorldoMeters popoulation tracking has the world’s population at 7.3 billion as of this Tuesday morning at 10:00 am EST. There are roughly 340 thousand births every day and roughly 140 thousand deaths. This means that the population grows by 200 thousand every day.


Link: Internet Live Stats

Link: World Population Real Time Tracking

To have more people and more people who want (and need) to be connected to the Internet means that a person or company has significant growth potential to reach more and more people.

2. Internet Connectivity

We also see a trend that is based on having more devices that connect to the Internet. The ways in which people will connect and therefore the amount of time people will spend online in some shape or form will also increase. The Internet makes us more efficient and it is a wonderful entertainment medium. People love to spend time on it.

Here is an example of two technologies (really many more than two) that will be combined in the not-two-distant future. The two technologies are the car as transportation with self-driving technology and satellite Internet connectivity. When cars drive themselves we can focus on other things and one of them will be based on being on the Internet.

Expansion of the Internet




1. As a business you need to stay on top of Internet technology. The Internet will not wait for you to catch up.

2. Think out your marketing and ideal audience carefully and create content specifically for them. Understand not only want content they will most desire but present it in a format that is best suited for them.

3. Use a responsive design for your website and/or blog. Many of the new Internet users will use a smart phone to surf the web. However, certain audiences may view Internet content on a large high-resolution monitor. Your content needs to sense this and respond.

4. Study up on your approach to content marketing and develop a content strategy that will mesh your business to trends prevalent in your ideal market.