June 20, 2024

Marketing Concepts you Must Own

Marketing ConceptsMarketing Concepts you Must Own

7 Marketing Must Dos

Marketing is essential when it comes to content marketing. You cannot create delightful content and then expect that everything else will fall into place. You need to put marketing into your content marketing efforts.

Here are some marketing concepts that you must own.


1) Define Your Marketing Strategy


In order to present your products, services and value to your ideal client you must have a plan.


Key Action: Fully research your ideal client. Determine what they like, where they spend their time when they look for solutions, what problems they are trying to solve and their decision making process when they make buying decisions.


2) Establish Your Marketing Team


Marketing is time consuming and you need to apply a great deal of energy and resources.


Key Action: Expand your marketing resources. How can you assemble a team? What talents do you need? Who do you know that has these talents? Recognize that you cannot do it all and develop resources you can count on. Decide how to leverage resources to create more marketing power.


3) Set Up Multiple Marketing Methods


If you rely on a single marketing method then you are vulnerable and will miss opportunities.


Key Action: Get to know some experts who can help you establish more marketing methods. If you have local experts then invite them to coffee once a quarter to catch up with them and on the latest best-practice trends.


4) Manage the Message


If you confuse people with your messaging it will make it harder to create sales.


Key Action: Determine your value. Determine how your value will create benefits for your ideal client. Build this into your message and establish how you will deliver your message to your ideal audience.


5) Connect and Engage Influencers


If you do not establish relationships with key influencers then you will miss many important opportunities and it will not be as easy to reach new customers.


Key Action: Define some key influencers. Look for people that support the value you offer and the way you offer it.



6) Unleash Your Marketing in the Right Media


If you create great content and ads about piano repair but then place this content or the ads in Pet Care Magazines then you will not reach the right audience.


Key Action: Once you have completed the research on your ideal client you will know where they hang out and how to present your value to them.


7) Exercise Social Media Wisely


You want your brand to be talked about. If no one talks about your brand then this indicates that no one is interested. Therefore, you need to find the right social media platforms and then use them wisely.


Key Action: Define which platforms to use. Define how you will use them and then promote engagement with targeted special content.


If you want to learn more about Content Marketing then I invite you to take our Content Marketing Tutorial Series. Here is a link to the Content Marketing Tutorial Introduction.