July 18, 2024

Blogging Tip – Blogging SEO

Blogging SEO - Blog LengthBlogging SEO – Blogging Tip

Length of Posts

How long is an optimized post?

It depends. Optimized for what?


Will your blog posts be optimized for:

  • Reader attention span (hard to judge but not impossible to judge)
  • Look on page (perhaps important but not a main consideration)
  • Search Engine Value (important and could be a main focus)
  • Depth of Content (authority) (perhaps – but this would then tend towards making them longer)

For the purpose of this blog post I want you to consider the length of your posts for the search engines – for blogging SEO.

This means a post of at least 200 words to provide enough depth to attract and “please” the search engines. This length will give the search engines enough material to make a judgment on your topic and to find keywords in the materials in some kind of context. Remember that one of the ways the search engines derive the meaning of a words (keyword phrases) is based on the content that surrounds the phrase.

For example what does the following phrase relate to?

Hot Dog

Does this mean a tubular meat-based edible food product?

Does this mean a high level skier with a fancy style?

Does it mean a very warm dog sitting out in the sun?

The search engines will determine the meaning of certain phrases – “hot dog” in our example – by analyzing it in the context of the page material. If there is not much material then the ability to determine relevance of the keyword(s) is diminished. 

Also, depth of content counts when it comes to authority. How authoritative can you be with only 75 words of content? I am not making an argument to be wordy but I want to emphasize that depth (length) of content is a factor in determining the authority level of a post.

Feel free to write longer posts – in fact you should – but if they tend to be very long then you may lose the attention of your readers and though depth of content will be good for your long posts the length may actually be counter productive. Very long post can perhaps be broken up into 2 or more posts.

Blogging SEO – Conclusion

When setting up your blog use all the advantages that you can and this means to use an optimal length that is attractive to both readers and the search engines.