July 18, 2024

Internet Marketing – There's NOTHING Static

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There’s Nothing Static About Internet Marketing

Even though there is nothing static about it we can count on one thing as a constant. This constant is the persistent effort by search engines to improve the search results that they present to their customer – the people who are searching – you and me.

The search engines want to present the best quality and provide a high level user experience for anyone who is searching. The desire to produce the best search results significantly affects how search engines are constantly refining how they discover, index, sort, define the signals that determine authority and quality of Internet based content.

If you own or manage a business or manage the marketing of a business you need to always be aware of how the search engines handle how they interact with content. This is a continuous effort and you need to get good at it or you will fall behind competitors who are better at it.

One of the biggest influences in recent years is the use of signals from social media platform to discover, index sort and determine relevance and quality of content. Traditional link building has to be augmented with links from social media platforms.

Google states its mission as “To organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful.” Marketers need to understand the many opportunities available to them to make their information accessible to people and therefore useful to them. The search engines are moving into an area much more sophisticated than meta title tags, meta descriptions and keywords. Those relatively speaking – simply times – are long gone.

Content Marketing - You Need More Than Keywords

Now the search engines are encouraging the use of structured data in the form of mark-up, micro formats, rich snippets and site maps designed for them and feeds designed specifically for them. If we set up content to mesh with what the major search engines are encouraging us to do then this encouragement takes the form of improved search position. There is nothing like positive reinforcement (or on the flip side – a penalty) to get people to change their behavior. It has worked since we were cavemen. Rewards from the search engines which means higher search position and more exposure in general in search will cause the savvy marketers (the winners) to do more and the ones who don’t to disappear.

By understanding these many opportunities marketers can properly inventory their digital assets and design and deploy a better, more holistic SEO strategy that realizes the benefits of exposure where their customers and potential customers are looking.

Top level marketers are approaching search optimization holistically and with a focus knowing that what can be searched for can be optimized for search. This means that a marketer needs to have a better understanding not only of what people are searching for but also why and where. Companies need to publish digital content with this in mind to remain competitive.

Content Marketing & SEO

Content and SEO are necessary and perfect partners for making it easy to connect customers and potential customers with your content. Your optimized content is the online version of your company. Make the online version of your company valuable and important entity to win in toady’s marketplace.

If you would like to learn more about content marketing then I invite you to view our series of content marketing tutorials.