April 16, 2024

How To Make 4-Image Tweets

How To Make a Tweet with 4 Images

How To Make a Tweet with 4 Images

A tweet can only be 140 characters. This is a wonderful thing. No verbose or long-winded announcements on Twitter! Because of the short nature of a tweet, a picture can really boost engagement and help your tweet to get noticed.

You can attach up to four images in any single tweet and for some tweets, this can make a great deal of sense. These 4 images will display as a preview collage in your followers’ timeline. Anyone viewing the tweet can expand it to see each photo individually.

If your tweet is retweeted then the image set will also be displayed.

Here are examples of the effective use of using multiple images in your tweets.

Display a Product

The new Mercedes are in and they look great. Let people know with a 4-image set. Some people like to look at cars and a few of them may want to come into your showroom for a first-hand look. Your salespeople will appreciate the extra walk-in traffic.

A Tweet with 4 Images

As a car dealership, a super way to showcase your inventory is with a 4-image tweet. You could show 4 different cars or a single type of car displaying various versions or a single car with 4 distinct views.


These 4 images show technical drawings of broken arms and a representative x-ray. You would also set up a link for people to click on, in the tweet, so that they may learn more by visiting your website. In this 4-image set I set the main image (image number 1) to be the x-ray with the compound are fracture – it is the most dramatic.

A 4-Image Tweet for Education

A tweet cannot do a great deal of education but it can provide a special insight and a link will be available in the tweet for more detail that then serves as proper education. For example, link to a blog post, a video, a website page or a special report. Furthermore, the blog post or website page could lead the ideal audience to a book or an online class or a course.

Displaying a Service

Here is an example of how a hair salon could add 4 images to a tweet to showcase a hair style. You can add hashtags to gain more exposure for the topic and the location of the salon.

A 4 Image Tweet to Showcase a Service

If you have a service and want to showcase it on Twitter then a 4-image set may be perfect for you because people often use Twitter to search for ideas, insights, and advice. A visit to your salon may be the next step for them.

Display a Recipe or Showcase a Meal

A recipe can have variations and a picture or 2, or 3, or 4 can help people understand the steps in the process or variations of the final display of the meal. The recipe idea may be more interesting and helpful to people when tweeted with a 4-image set.

How to Make 4 Image Tweets

The tweet can provide a link to your website where the full recipe is available. If you are a restaurant then images of your trendy place of business and meals may make the phone ring with reservations. Perhaps you could even sell the pesto and olive oil online.

Display Options

Let’s say you sell kitchen faucets or design kitchens and want to display some nice options for kitchen faucets. A 4-image tweet can be a good way to do this. You would again provide a link to your website or blog post so your ideal audience has access to more information. As a business, the more ways people can find you the better and the more they observe your expertise the better.

A 4 Image Tweet to Display Options

How to Make a Tweet with Four Images

Open your tweet window and compose your tweet as normal. Click on the image icon and select your first image from wherever you have stored it and once uploaded to Twitter you will see it displayed. I like to select the 1st image separately so that I know which one will be displayed the most prominently. Now, repeat this process for images 2, 3, and 4 (you can also use the “Ctrl key and the left mouse button to select all three together).

You now will have a tweet with four images that can help to engage your ideal audience.

How To Make a Tweet with 4 Images

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