July 18, 2024

Blogging Lessons Learned

Blogging Lessons LearnedBlogging Lessons Learned

Here are some key lessons that every blogger needs to learn. The sooner you learn these lessons the better off you will be. 



1. Blogging – Keywords

It does not make much sense to write a great blog post – one that that you have worked hard on – that adds value to any potential reader if there are no readers. Search Engine Optimization is important for driving traffic to your posts and search engine optimization starts with keywords.

If you could optimization your post for a phrase that has 400 searchers per month versus 4000 searches per month then the choice should be clear (if you want more traffic) to optimize for the keyword phrase that has more search volume. The only mitigating factor may be the level of online competition. Often the phrase with more traffic also has more competition but your keyword research will help you to understand this as well.

Use the Google AdWord Keyword Tool to get started.

To blog well perform keyword research before focusing on the keyword optimization of the post. Have keyword research be an integral part of your Content Marketing Plan and Blog posts.

Also, if you have done your keyword research and have optimized your blog post or website page for the right keyword phrase and get the traffic but your traffic leaves quickly then do more work to create high quality content.

Produce high-quality content (related to important keyword phrases) to keep your visitors on your site and not leaving to find better and more interesting content elsewhere.

2. Blogging – Be Willing to Work

Blogging requires commitment and hard work. There are no shortcuts. Do your homework. Write and rewrite. Set up great graphics and consider variety of content that could include audio, video and interactive materials.

Always create high-quality content for your readers and you will be rewarded with more traffic and reader loyalty.

3. Blogging – Consistency matters!

A consistent blog posting schedule benefits you in two ways. First, your audience will become familiar with your posting habits and will know when to check back for new articles. Second, search engine crawlers love frequently updated websites. Fresh content is great for search engine optimization and great for your readers. I am never impressed when I see a business blog with quite a few postings in a given month and then no new content for 1 or 2 months.

4. Blogging – Include Your Personality

People want to know the person behind the blog so don’t be afraid to let your personality come out in your writing – it is essential to finding your voice and growing your audience. Be true to yourself with your personality in your blog posts.

5. Blogging – Express Your Appreciation

Saying thank you never goes out of style. Thanking and highlighting others in your posts is an extremely rewarding experience – for them and for you. Do it often! This is also a great way to develop relationships. As in any business situation relationships matter and great relationships lead to more and better business.

Blogging Lessons Learned – Summary

Blogging is a great way to add authoritative content to your website. A blog is a great way to add fresh content to your online marketing efforts. A blog can be an important part of your content marketing plan. These lessons are important for your blogging success.

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