July 17, 2024

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Being found in search is great for a business. It means that when someone is if actively searching for your business that they find you. This is extremely valuable as someone that is actively searching is motivated.

I recently wanted to take my wife out to dinner. She wanted to go to a particular restaurant which is about 25 miles from our home. Neither of us could remember if their renovations were scheduled to be complete on the day we were discussing going there. No problem I said. I will check out their website to get the latest and greatest update. I did not know their domain and used Google to search for them.

An initial Google search revealed nothing related to this restaurant.

A 2nd try also ended in frustration but showed me a competitor.

A 3rd try also ended in frustration except that the same competitor was displayed.

I decided to click through to the competitor and was impressed by their content and we decided to give them a try. We were more than satisfied with the dinner and we now have a new restaurant on our list that we did not know about before.

The moral of the story is that you need

to be found in search!

The moral of the story is that you need to be found in search when a searcher is looking for you. These people are the most valuable to your business.

In this case the restaurant that could not be found lost business on that particular day. However, they will also lose more business over time as we will sometimes be going to their competitor.

In business you need to be investing in visibility. If you are not visible then you are lost. What can be said about a business that is lost?

Make sure that Google is your #1 referral source. Get Google to make referrals for you. Create great content that Google will be proud to show to its customers (searchers) and Google will make referrals for you.

To be referred is based on the referred knowing your business, liking your business and trusting your business. Great content that is optimized for search is the basis of being referred to by Google. If you can get Google to refer to you then you have done what it takes to be successful online.

If you would like to boost up the position of your website in the search results then consider publishing a blog. A blog enables you to create more depth of content on your site and also enables timely and frequent content creation. Fresh content counts with Google. This will help your Website SEO.

I invite you to download our Blog Initiation Questionnaire. It contains a set of questions that will help you to think about important aspects of competition beating content marketing using a blog.