July 17, 2024

Content Marketing

Content Marketing - Election DayContent Marketing – Election Day

Does Your Content Get Votes

What does your online audience deserve?

It’s Election Day in America and this is a proud and great American tradition. Did you ever stop to consider that when you place content online that people who blog or who own websites or who you may be able to collaborate with have a chance to vote for it? How do they vote?

They vote by linking to your content. If your content is great then it gets more votes. If your content is weak or superficial then it gets few votes (or none at all!). Weak or superficial content marketing is not good marketing.

The Online Marketplace is a Very Democratic Place!

To be a strong and authoritative online marketer (applying Content Marketing) you need to get the votes that means that you need to create great content. The online marketplace is a very democratic place. The greater your content the more votes in favor (in-coming links) your content will get. The more in-coming links the higher you content will be positioned in the search results.

What does your online community deserve?

It deserves great content!

What does your online community deserve?

Your online audience deserves to be able to easily find your great content using a search engine!

What do you owe to the community you wish to attract and serve?

You owe them delightful content that has been optimized for search so that they can find your content and gain value from it.!

How do you get people to vote for your content?

Create great content!

It is voting day in America and you owe it to your business and to your audience to create great content and to make this great and delightful content to be found in search. Create great content and get the votes so that you are elected to a top spot in the search engine position results.

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