July 25, 2024

To Blog or Not to Blog

Blogging means fresh Web ContentTo Blog or Not to Blog

Working to find materials for your blog can be very good for you personally! You have to conduct research – which provides you with information and insights.

You have to think about what you have just researched. This provides you with greater insights and helps you to “own” the material.

You have to write about it making you to think even more about the topic. To be able to write about your topic makes you better. You have to ratchet it up a bit to be able to explain what you just researched.

Therefore, the simple act of doing the research and writing about a blog topic causes you to improve.

Also, when you are writing you are in a creative zone and this is valuable for your brain. The creative zone is a time when you brain is not preoccupied with mundane items such as getting through your e-mails or paying your bills or washing the dishes. These things have to be done for sure but you do not have to be so creative to do them.

To set aside quality time to blog is good for your soul.

If you have a blog or think that you should then you have to set aside time to blog. I suspect that the most common reason, explanation, justification excuse for not blogging is that you are too busy.

I am sure that you are busy. However, are too busy to grow your business, educate your clients and potential clients, educate yourself and invest in your online community by providing your expertise with your Blog?

Perhaps you really have nothing to say. If this is the case then you cannot call yourself an expert. Blogging helps to present yourself as an expert. After all you have done the research, you have thought about it and now own it and if you blog then you are explaining your expertise to others.

Perhaps you have nothing to say because you are just not all that interested in your topic. Perhaps you feel that no one will think your blog posts are worthy. Maybe you don’t really know your audience and then do not know how to please them with interesting and valuable blog posts. Maybe you do not believe in your company so why waste the time.

This is all self-defeating noise in your brain. It can be paralyzing. It can keep you from blogging.

Guess what? We have to work at inspiration just like we do anything else.

You need to understand the value you can offer. You need to understand the business case for blogging. You need to see how it benefits you, your readers and your business. Blogging is good for you personally, good for your customers and potential customers and good for your business.

Look for more posts on blogging and its value. I have been thinking about this quite a bit of late and see great opportunity in blogging. Let’s see if I can convince you of the value of blogging for your business.