June 20, 2024

Improve Your Blog

Improve Your Blog

Five Improvement Tips for Your Blog

Blog Improvements


Today, companies use blogs in many creative ways. For many their blog is a key component of their online content marketing strategy.


This blog post will cover 5 simple tips to help you improve your blog.


Blog Tip #1 – Integrate Your Blog into Your Website


This can help you to get people to visit your center of content (your website and/or blog). This is very important. When you create blog content you also need to share it to make it more effective. When you share it you have to reference the location of the blog post (the URL of the post).


Therefore, if your blog is integrated with your website the URLs of your blog posts will be the URL of your website then “voilà” when people visit your blog post via your sharing mechanisms they will be at your center of content.


Blog Tip #2 – Create Valuable, Relevant and Findable Content


Many people use the web to conduct research. I, for example, spent a couple hours over the past 2 days researching new video cameras. I needed to be educated. I bookmarked website pages and blog posts. I wanted answers to my questions and over the course of my research I realized that my list of questions grew longer. I needed more answers. The list of bookmarked sites became shorter as fewer sites had sufficient depth of content to answer my questions.


In the end the best site and the one I used to purchase the camera was one that had video reviews, video tips, specifications and a comparison tool. They had great depth of content; had expertise and they were willing to share their expertise.


In addition, I noted that this site came up often when I did various searches using Google. Google likes this site too! Google knew that the site and blog had excellent depth of content which was relevant and informative.


Note that when you type a question into Google, Google has to first find potential answers before it can present these potential answers to you.


If you create a depth of content using your blog and get creative with images, reviews, videos and content that delights your audience, then you will be rewarded with more search visibility and more customers.

Improve Your Blog - Tip #2


Blog Tip #3 – Illustrate your Content


Images are extremely important to support and illustrate your blog posts. Always use high-quality graphics whether they are photos, illustrations or videos. Nothing could be worse for your credibility than decorating your posts with crummy, poorly composed or pixilated images.


Blog Tip #4 – Post Regularly


To achieve high visibility in the mix of all the content producers (who are your competitors) you need to post regularly with high-quality content. A blog with old and dated content with nothing new and fresh is not much of a blog. Why would anyone want to visit?


To have a relevant blog, I recommend two tactics.


First, post regularly. Aim for one blog post per week.


Second, create some “evergreen” posts which can provide value to your readers for a very long time. Here is a link to a blog post on evergreen content which you may find helpful.

Improve Your Blog - Blog Tip #4


Blog Tip #5 – Monitor Your Blog and Website Visitor Statistics


Regularly check your website statistics to know what blog posts are popular and which ones are less popular.


Improve Your Blog - Blog Tip #5



Give some thought to the ones that are not popular. Why are they less popular? Could the image have been more captivating? Could the writing have been better? Could the headline be more engaging? Could the SEO of the post be improved? Could it be that there is just no interest in the topic?


For your blog posts that are popular can you determine why? Was the timing of these posts a factor? Did you share them more effectively? Was the topic a delightful one with engaging graphics and an attention-grabbing title? Are all your blog posts with video more popular than those without video? Are others sharing your most popular posts with their audience (this is always a breakthrough).




A lot of websites and blogs are being launched everyday, yet very few of them are still on the market even after a few months.


The name of the game here is to keep on learning about your audience. Learn what they want and need. It may be helpful to get ideas and support from your employees and co-workers. You can also engage your existing customers. Send them your blog post and ask your best clients to comment. This feedback can be invaluable.