June 16, 2024

Blogging Content Can Make You Unusual

Blogging Content Can Make You Unusual

. . . If you try!

Blogging Content - Take Some Risks!I recently attended a conference on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When I introduced myself to people I often added the statement “. . . and I am the publisher of the SEO Notebook Blog.”.

This caught many people’s attention. Even when I introduced myself to one of the presenters and added this statement (he was an SEO expert) he seemed to nod with confirmation (even though I do not think he was aware of the SEO Notebook). The statement, however, certainly caught his attention.

All that is well and good but what if my blog is ordinary. What if my blogging content is boring? What if my blog regurgitates the same old stuff that everyone else in the SEO space is writing about? What if there is nothing new. Is so then my blog is not of great value – it is ordinary – how sad for everyone :-(.

So the idea of this post is to suggest taking some risks to avoid being ordinary and to make a move towards greatness. We need to think better than ordinary. We need to be better than “OK”. Risking the ordinary is the only way to move towards extraordinary.

What can we do to create extraordinary blogging content?

Tip # 1: Create Blogging Content About What You Love

I love the world of marketing and even more love the world of online marketing. I love the idea of mixing marketing thinking with technology. In today’s marketing world you need to be a bit tech-savvy in order to perform. I love this!

The passion of what you love to do and think about has to come through in your blog. Write about what you love and you will have more than an ordinary blog.

Tip # 2: Write Specifically

If I want to make a point then I need to be succinct and need to make my point. Your blogging content should not be like a college thesis or an academic journal article. If you intimidate your readers with something that they think they will have labor through then you will lose them even before they start.

Be clear, short and make your point.

Tip # 3: Write In Your Voice

Think about how you would explain something if you were talking to someone face-to-face. How would you talk with a friend about your blog topics over a cup of coffee? Use words that are conversational and a style that engages.

Tip # 4: Make Your Blogging Content Look Nice!

I always want to use a graphic or image in my posts. People enjoy this. The eye gravitates toward graphics. I also use bold text for important words and use H2 tags (H2 tags are sub heading tags which, by the way, can be good for SEO). For example each one of the headings for each tip is an H2 tag.

I also leave generous “white space” and see if I can convert a paragraph of text into a bulleted list.

The main idea here is to make the post “look” pleasing to the reader.

I encourage you to take some risks with your blogging content to move it in the direction of extraordinary. Everyone will benefit!