May 28, 2024

How To Feed Google

How To Feed GoogleHow To Feed Google

Feed The Beast

It is always important to keep Google satisfied if you want to be presented in the Google search results. You need to have some insights into what Google wants. Here is a tip on how to help you determine what Google wants and then what to do about it.

Step 1

Go to Google search and fill in the search field with the main topic of your business or your website. 

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at what other phrases Google suggests to you. These are other phrases that Google thinks are relevant and it would be wise for you to consider these phrases and determine if your site has good depth and variety of content related to these suggested phrases.

Here is what it would look like for my website.

Feeding Google - Place your main topic into the search field.




Below are the relevant phrases that Google is suggesting which Google presents at the very bottom first page search results.

Feeding Google - Suggested Relevant Phrases











Step 2

Create delightful and relevant text content around these suggested phrases.

Step 3

Add pictures, graphs, charts or any other cool graphics that will further enhance the page for your visitors. Remember Google wants you to please your visitors so think about how graphics can enhance their experience with the page.

Step 4

Perform the search engine optimization for the page.

Step 5

Create links to the page from other relevant pages within your site and link to other relevant content on your site from this page.

Step 6

Repeat this process to continue to create depth of content. This is how you can help your content marketing efforts. If you want to learn more about Content Marketing then I encourage you to learn from our complete set of Content Marketing Tutorials