May 28, 2024

Content Marketing Interview

Heidi White - Freelance CopywriterContent Marketing Interview

Heidi White Freelance Copywriter

Here is an interview I conducted with Heidi White. The focus of this interview is Content Marketing. Heidi White is a big advocate of content marketing and can help any company with their content creation plans. I expect you will appreciate her insights. Enjoy!

Q: What is the main value a copywriter adds to a project?

A: A good copywriter has the experience and knowledge to write clear copy that communicates the value of a business to its target audience. Probably the most important value writers can offer business owners is to remove the stress of writing so that the owner can focus on what he or she does best. The writer does all of the research to create great content and they make sure every part of the content plan supports the business brand, mission, and values, and that it is written in a format that will be most appealing to the audience it is intended for. 

Q: What is a content marketing plan?

A: A content marketing plan is the first step any business should take when they have decided to use content as part of their marketing strategy. Content marketing is a way of supplying useful information to customers as a way to maintain regular communication with past or potential clients. The content plan determines what topics the content will touch upon, how often content will be created and how it will be distributed. A content plan can be created for a weekly blog or can describe the content over a number of different formats, including newsletters, white papers, case studies, and any other format used to attract customer attention.

Q: How does content marketing attract customers?

A: Content marketing attracts customers by offering interesting information that they can use, telling engaging stories that draw them in and keep them entertained, intriguing them with industry news, or offering them a fun diversion from their daily routine. Blogging is an excellent form of content marketing because, as you know, it can also be used to enhance search engine optimization.

Q: What are the main values of blogging?

A: Blogging offers business owners a platform for demonstrating their knowledge of and commitment to their industry. It also provides an arena for business owners to begin a dialogue with their customers and engage them in regular communication.

Q: How do you find great topics to blog about?

A: I find topics everywhere. I blog for myself as well as for my clients, so topics are generally determined by the type of business I’m writing for and the types of information I think my clients or my clients’ clients are interested in learning about. I usually spend some time brainstorming ideas. If I’m helping a business owner create a list of topics, I ask them to consider every aspect of their business and write down all of the different topics that could be written about each aspect. I encourage them to flip through books and do internet searches to jog their thought process and trigger new ideas. Some topics simply arise due to industry news. Finding topics is easy once you begin.

Q: Is it important to blog on schedule?

A: It is definitely important to blog on a schedule. It’s best to pick a schedule you know you can stick to, then create a schedule for writing that will allow you to make your deadlines.

Q: How do you find time to blog?

A: Time is everywhere and there is always enough time to do the things that are most important for your business. You simply have to make time to blog. You can set aside an hour a day for this, or two hours every week. Whatever makes the most sense for your schedule. Set it as an appointment and keep to it.

Q: Which blog do you admire the most?

A: I admire a blog written by another copywriter who lives in New Orleans. I enjoy the blog because it is written about an industry I enjoy reading about. I admire it because his writing voice is engaging and his entries are thought-provoking.

Heidi White has nearly ten years of professional freelance copywriting experience. She has a BA in English and an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Writing. The power of her copywriting comes from the questioning and listening skills she developed as a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers. To learn more about Heidi I invite you to visit her Content Marketing and Copywriting Website.