June 16, 2024

Blogging and Teaching

Blogging and TeachingBlogging and Teaching

A great attitude to have when you blog is to teach. This attitude helps in many ways. First, if you have this attitude then you have an attitude where you want to help and add value. This is important for our society and for our community.

It is also important to learn something well enough to teach it. To learn something to be able to teach it means that you have done your homework and have given your subject some thought. You have considered how to explain it to others and have thought out how to make your materials interesting and engaging. A good teacher is an interesting and engaging teacher. Blogging and teaching are a perfect combination!

Writing blog posts and articles helps to organize your thoughts and review the knowledge you’ve already acquired. Also, it usually requires some research and examples, which can even lead to knowing the topic deeper and better.

If you dedicate yourself to teaching others about your topic you are making a larger contribution than otherwise. This is a clear benefit to your audience. If you can add valuable benefits to your audience then you keep them coming back for more and this not only helps you to maintain your readership but also helps you to increase your readership.

Blog to Gain Backlinks

Last of all, your value added teaching content will enable you to gain in-coming links to your materials and this will help you to gain search position in two ways – one the content will gain search position in and of itself and will gain search position by attracting in-coming links. Off-site optimization (gaining back links) is an essential part of gaining search position. Read more about on-site and off-site search engine optimization here.