June 20, 2024

A Helpful Real Estate Blog

A Helpful Real Estate Blog

Focus for Blogging Success

Real Estate Blogging If you are a real estate agent and want to promote your business by blogging, then there are a few clear objectives you need to have in mind.

These are:

  1. Establish Your Authority
  2. Help Solve Reader Problems
  3. Boost Your Position in Local Search – More Traffic – More Exposure
  4. Boost Article Sharing – More Traffic – More Exposure

Here are some ideas for your real estate blog content that will help you to achieve all of the above.

Establish Your Real Estate Authority


Blogging makes you better. You need to think up topics. You need to research these topics and learn more about them. You then need to write and refine your thinking about each topic. All of this makes you better – makes you more of an authority on topics related to your business.

People want to do business with “the authority”. Your blog gives you the chance to get better – to become more of an authority – and to let people know about it.

Authority also helps position your website and blog higher in search as Google and the other major search engines always seek to provide the most authoritative website or blog to their customers – people who search for your business.

Solving Problems


To help people solve their problems is always a worthy endeavor. To help people is always good for business.

Here are some ideas for topics that can help people.

Help Buyers

  1. Mistakes People Make When Purchasing a Home
  2. Important Considerations When Buying a Home
  3. Steps – Start to Finish – When Buying a Home

Help Sellers

  1. Clutter – It Works Against You
  2. Staging A Home – Home Staging Secrets
  3. Dealing with Emotional Hurdles

If you empathize with a buyer this will help you to define topics of interest to them. Also empathize with sellers and come up with advice and helpful tips for them.

Local Real Estate Search


To have depth and variety of local content shows you have expertise with the area and demonstrates commitment to the area. I will use the example of Marco Polo to illustrate how to write enable people to remember you.

I have polled people over the past few months about Marco Polo asking the question “Who was Marco Polo?”.

Here is how people responded:

  1. He was an explorer.
  2. He was a traveler.
  3. He was a merchant-explorer.

You could say that each of these are true. But this is not why we remember him. The reason why we remember Marco Polo was because he was a writer. If he did not write, we would not know about him. He was Marco Polo the blogger.

At that time in Venice there were many merchants. It was a city of merchants and they all traveled. However, Marco Polo wrote about where he went and he became an authority and a famous one.

Here is a link to another blog post on Marco Polo – the writer.

Write about your real estate market and become the recognized local authority. Provide your special insights on the area. People and the search engines will see your blog as the place to visit for information on the local real estate market. You blog can become a magnet for both people and search engines.

Local content will boost your position in search for topics related to the local real estate market. This is always valuable for a real estate business.

Real Estate Blogging – Sharing


Articles that solve problems are articles that are shared. Any time one of your blog posts are shared it adds to your credibility (authority) and helps more readers. Article sharing helps create traffic and exposure.

Blog posts that showcase an aspect of the community will also be shared by others. If you had a post about Top 10 Local Activities, then the local B&Bs could link to this blog post as it would save them time and effort.

If you created a nice video about the area, then perhaps the local chamber or tourist board would link to it.

When you gain in-coming links you improve your position in search as Google counts in-coming links as votes in favor of your content. The more exposure you gain in search the more your content will be shared as more people will have the opportunity to share it!

For more advice on SEO and Blogging for Real Estate use this link.