April 16, 2024

Your Business & Your Blog

A Case For Business BloggingBlogging for Business

A fundamental purpose of a business is to create a customer. Can a blog help?

While you may not think your business needs a blog, there are a number of reasons why it should. With the availability of inexpensive and efficient blogging platforms you can have a nice branded blog quickly and easily, learn how to publish blog posts and begin promoting your brand and connecting with customers and potential customers.

If I still have not convinced you then here are five reasons I feel a blog makes great sense for almost any business.

1. A Blog Helps to Builds Traffic

There will always be a correlation between traffic and engagement. The more traffic you have (all else being equal) the more engagement you will have. This engagement could translate into people downloading your articles or making a purchase.

Having a blog which you update with high-quality content on specific topics will allow you to direct targeted traffic to pages on your websites for interactions to occur.

You can also make people aware of your new high-quality posts by using Facebook and Twitter further helping to build traffic by using social media to drive traffic to your center of content (your website and your blog).

Blogging for Business – Build Traffic and Engagement!

2. A Blog Helps to Increases Your Credibility

People are more likely to purchase products or services from businesses they feel like they know and a blog can help people to “know” you and your business. With a blog you can introduce and establish your personality. A blog can help foster a community and allows your readers to feel like they know you.

Just helping to create this feeling of familiarity helps your credibility. Business is all about relationships and a blog can help you to create and maintain relationships.

If you desire to be a thought leader (or at least a contributor) in your area of expertise then a blog will help.

Blogging for Business – Build Your Credibility!

3. A Blog Allows You to Project Your Expertise

If you are an expert in your field then your blog can be filled with timely, relevant expert materials written by you. This helps to make you an expert in two important ways.

First, in order to write a blog post you will need to consider what you will write about. Then you may need to do some research. When you actually sit down to write you will have to think deep thoughts about the content and then organize your thoughts into a meaningful and delightful blog post. Therefore, writing a blog post makes you better.

Second, your blog post is now published in a place that the search engines love to visit. Remember, the search engines are greedy for fresh content. They pride themselves on finding it. If they do not find it then they are not performing their primary function well. The conclusion is that if you have a blog then a search engine will be paying more attention to this aspect of your center of content (your blog). When you publish an authoritative piece then this expertise gets projected via the search engines to a group searching for information and expertise on that topic.

Blogging for Business – Project Your Expertise!

4. A Blog Establishes You as an Expert

A blog helps establish you as an expert in your field, and if you regularly update it with relevant content, you reinforce the idea that you know what you are talking about. Making sure you update your blog frequently with content that is valuable to readers also helps establish you as their go-to person when it comes to your particular niche, be it consulting, SEO services, real estate or any other type of business.

By blogging regularly, you are building a visible presence on the web and also fostering relationships with potential customers while establishing your expertise for your particular niche.

Blogging for Business – Establish Your Niche and Project Your Expertise even More!

5. A Blog Helps to Build Relationships

Every business needs relationships with others in the same field or industry. If you become a thought leader then other thought leaders and collaborators can connect with your with your blog.

You can interview others and have this be the basis for a blog post. This helps to establish a relationship with other experts. This helps you to gain insights via the interview and makes your blog more interesting to your readers. It also shows your readers that you are a person that is connected and this increases your potential value to them as customers and potential customers.

Like any good consultant knows it is important to ask some key questions and then listen carefully to the answers. A blog post can help you to gain key insights. The relationships that contribute to your knowledge and expertise are valuable.

Today, everyone is a volunteer. We need to do things that people love in order to maintain relationships. This is true for the people we collaborate with and true for our customers. I know that I love to be asked to be interviewed and anyone that asks me is moved higher on my list of people I like and want to work with.

Blogging for Business – Define a few worthy potential collaborators and ask them for an interview – use your blog to build business-building relationships!