April 15, 2024

Twitter Exposure and Twitter Transportation

Twitter Transportation

Bring Tweeple to Your Center of Content

Twitter Transportation - Twitter Marketing

Twitter Transportation

Have you ever thought about how effective Twitter can be as a transport mechanism?

Twitter can be very effective as a short message, a headline, and to start the process to get someone to visit your center of content. A tweet is more like a headline. A tweet cannot be long. A Twitter message must catch the attention of a reader quickly. A tweet can act like a headline and introduce a thought or concept. It can be an introduction to something that contains more information and more value.

  • Twitter can be used to transport the reader to a new location for more information, inspiration or entertainment.
  • A tweet can transport a person from not knowing about you to a follower.
  • As a social media marketing platform, Twitter is the best at transporting someone to your center of content (your website and/or blog).
  • It may transport someone from being unknown to you to someone who you collaborate with.

Every tweet does not have to transport someone. However, it is worth your time to think about how you can employ Twitter to help you transport someone and to where you will transport them. To some extent, you want to help people to act or put them in a position to act. Progress is only made when action is taken. Your ability to produce income can happen more effectively at your center of content.

Twitter Marketing and Your Center of Content

Therefore, to make Twitter beneficial to your top-line revenue you need to be able to provide a product of service which is presented at your center of content.

Your center of content could be your educational blog (applies to many businesses), your book page (if you are an author), your listing page (if you are a real estate agent), your home page (if you run a B&B) or it could be your landing page (with your free high-quality offer).

You need a center of content where people can learn more and take the next step with you.

Therefore, for business purposes, you need to have a well-designed place to send people who have discovered you or engaged with you on Twitter.

For a business, to be “busy” on Twitter, with no revenue growth, is not beneficial. However, when I first evaluate whether I can help a new Twitter coaching client I often find that their center of content is not well developed. They have no blog (or it has been neglected); there is no landing page (or it has not been optimized); they are not clear with their offer.

Combine your Twitter Marketing with a properly set-up place to send people to. These are people who became interested in your product or service on Twitter but need and are seeking more information.

A Twitter Landing Page

Help the process – transport people from Twitter to your well-designed landing page.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is not simply any page someone arrives at when they go to your website. It is not necessarily your home page.

Instead, a landing page is a page that you have designed specifically for people who reach your website from a specific place (via Twitter for example) and have been attracted by a certain offer. A landing page continues the process of providing people with more information or support. To maximize your effectiveness on Twitter you must consider a Twitter-specific landing page at your center of content.

Use a Twitter Landing Page

Create Landing Pages to Help People Decide

Landing pages are fundamental to get people to do something (ideally, just one thing). There are a few primary actions any business might want people to complete on their landing page.

Such as:

  • Subscribe to your email list or newsletter.
  • Download a piece of your delightful content (an eBook or free report).
  • Register for your live and/or digital events (webinars or conferences).
  • Start a free trial of your app or software.
  • Purchase the product or service that you offer.

You might notice that these behaviors have something in common.

They all help a website visitor decide to form a better or more engaged relationship with you or your business. The primary purpose of your Twitter landing page is to help you grow your business by providing more information which can increase your contact list, stimulate engagement, or even create a new customer.

Twitter and a Twitter landing page can help you promote future products and events, warm an audience, build a community, and grow your business.

Landing Pages and Twitter

Use Twitter as the place to craft and display a high-impact tweet. Craft the tweet as you would craft a headline. You are more likely to pick up a newspaper or magazine if it has an engaging headline. An engaging tweet will help people to look more closely and help them to decide to click on the link to your landing page.

Use an image and add some text to the image. Increase the potential for a click-through with a compelling graphic with text overlaid on the graphic designed to attract and engage. Give your follower a compelling reason to learn more.

Mesh your tweet to the content you present on your landing page.

Ask these questions:

  • What specifically is the offer presented on your landing page?
  • Why does your audience need it?
  • Why should they look to your business to find the solution?

Craft a tweet (or even multiple tweets) that relate to these questions. Create multiple compelling graphics for each tweet. Send out the tweets and measure the results.

  • Engagement – which version of the tweet produces the most engagement?
  • Clicks – which version creates the most clicks to the landing page?
  • Bounce Rate – which tweet results in the lowest landing page bounce rate?

Tweet and Landing Page Optimization

Of course, not only do you want to measure the performance of your tweets but you also want to measure the performance of the combination of tweet and landing page. You may also want to experiment with the landing page content to optimize the landing page.

Twitter Optimization

Promote your valuable product or service using Twitter and think of Twitter as a transport mechanism. Use Twitter to transport people to your center of content. Make your center of content more effective with a landing page designed specifically for the traffic coming from Twitter.

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