July 17, 2024

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SEO Marketing Consultant Psychology

SEO Content Marketing - SEO Consultant - Invited Late to the Party . . .SEO Content Marketing – The Psychology

Often, as an SEO Content Marketing Consultant I am asked to get involved with the SEO of a website at an advanced stage of website development. Design elements are already in place, graphics created, page structure determined, even the selling and lead generation processes have been finalized before the owner or manager invites the SEO Marketing Consultant to “do the SEO”.

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What Is Great Content

Content MarketingContent Marketing

What is Great Content?

If you read about content marketing you will see this phrase often repeated “create and publish great content” this sounds fine a first glance but it is sure to make you wonder about what exactly is great content.

This is a simple question with not-so-simple answer.

Defining great content depends on your point of view. What does it consist of, how is it used, and how to measure its value, are just some of the perspectives to be considered. Let’s take a look at how this breaks down.

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The Twinkie – Content Marketing Lessons

Twinkies and Content MarketingTwinkies

Content Marketing Lessons from the Twinkie

As we approached this up-coming Thanksgiving Holiday I wanted to write a blog post about how your content marketing needs to be like your holiday dinner. Then, a news event caused me to change course and I decided to write about how your content marketing and Twinkies.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing - Election DayContent Marketing – Election Day

Does Your Content Get Votes

What does your online audience deserve?

It’s Election Day in America and this is a proud and great American tradition. Did you ever stop to consider that when you place content online that people who blog or who own websites or who you may be able to collaborate with have a chance to vote for it? How do they vote?

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Reading in a Different Niche

Content Marketing - Niche MarketingContent Marketing – Reading in a Different Niche

I do quite a bit of reading online and as you may imagine much of this reading is reading a blog. I am always looking for new ideas so I read blogs not necessarily in my area of expertise.


This results in me seeing some creative work and a different approach and style from what I see from the people writing in my niche. 

I have been noticing some good blogging work and will highlight some observations in this post.

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