May 27, 2024

My Top-10 Link Building Tips for 2013

Link BuildingMy Top-10 Link Building Tips for 2013

Link Building

1. Hire a Competent Copywriter

Don’t expect to get worthy links unless you also have great copy. All of your website content must be top shelf. Use words carefully and creatively. Make your copywriting delightful and this means to use a competent professional copywriter. Get your copy right. If you want some help with your copywriting then consider the services of Heidi White a Freelance Copywriter in Vermont.

2. Hire a Link Building Consultant

Do you know your own link profile? How many in-coming links do you have now? What anchor text is being used to make the link? Which pages on your site are being linked to? How many links and of what type do your main competitors have? A link building consultant can tell you all of these things and will be able to help you shape your link profile and have methods to help your acquire links. This will save you a great amount of time and help you to gain valuable search position.

3. Gain Links from Collaborators

If your business works with collaborators (and which business doesn’t) then ask your vendors, suppliers, distributors or other business partners to link to your website.

4. Link Building with Your Blog

Start a blog and use it effectively. Post regularly and post great content. Highlight a part of your business with your blog posts and then link to the content on your site with a keyword phrase. This type of linking is not the most powerful but certain aspects of this type of link are excellent. For example, the link will be from relevant content and the link will be made with a keyword phrase.

5. Create a Site with a Delightful Design

Make your site as link-worthy as possible. If your site looks like it was designed and developed by your nephew who is in high school in his free time then you are lowering the likelihood that you will gain in-coming links. Create a first rate site to increase all opportunities to gain high-quality in-coming links.

6. Seek Out a Reputable Link Building Provider

Rent some high quality links from a high quality link provider. Top level link providers can provide you with a full set of keyword phrase links. The most valuable links are text links embedded in relevant content linking to relevant content on your site. Be sure to select a reputable company.

7. Agree to an Interview

If you can offer engaging, useful, and interesting content via an interview then you can gain a link from the interview page and a great interview can also go viral creating even more links. Interviews are a great way to create original content.

8. Build Relationships

Develop business relationships with non-competing businesses in the same field. Leverage these relationships online by recommending each other via links and distributing each other’s materials.

9. Use a Great Image or infoGraphic

If you use an interesting image or a well designed infographic then others will link to this page on your site. Always create and use delightful content and this must be extended to your imagery and graphics.

10. Exchange Links (What!)

Did I really just recommend reciprocal link building? Yes. However, do it on a small scale. Make sure that you get links from relevant partners that will send you traffic. Absolutely stay away from the link trading hubs and networks.

As a final comment we all know how valuable content is to gaining links. If you want to learn more about Content Marleting they I invite you to look over our Content Marketing Tutorials.