July 17, 2024

Link Building and SEO

A Signal That Shouts Out About the Quality of Your Content

Let the Search Engines Know How Important Your Content Is

SEO Quality Signals

You may have an amazing and delightful website however not many people will see it if other sites aren’t linking to it. To have in-coming links sends an important signal to the major search engines and creates traffic in and of themselves.

To have in-coming links tells the search engines the following:

  • This site is popular . . .
  • This site is well liked . . .
  • This site offers helpful content . . .
  • Other people value this site . . .
  • This site is authoritative . . .

Links send a powerful signal to the search engines and can cause the message of your site to rise above the “noise” of the competition. Today, every business can publish materials and more and more business owners are realizing that content counts. As a result, they publish more. They increase their signal but also add to the overall noise.

To help your content reach higher levels in search you need to help the search engines realize that your content is popular, is valued by others and is authoritative. In-coming links send a message to the search engines. The message is that your content is important. Links send this signal. Links help your message to rise above the noise.

I went to college and studied Electrical Engineering. An important concept of Electrical Engineering when build a network or circuit to send a message is the concept of signal to noise ratio. If the system or network has too much noise then the signal was passed through a system that “hides” or confuses the signal. The cleaner the system (lower noise level) the better it would be to pass along the signal. Also, one could design so that the signal was stronger. The objective was to create a high signal to noise ratio.

Below is a representation of your signal versus that of your competitors when you have more links into your content than they do.



This is how links help your signal to the search engines. The more links you have and the better your links the more powerful your signal to the search engines that your content is good, relevant and worthy of being presented high in search position.

Relevant inbound links from authoritative, trusted and quality websites are every search marketer’s dream. Google, which owns about 70 percent of the search engine market, sees such links as votes of confidence for your content. Because Google wants to serve users the most relevant, freshest, trustworthy results, inbound links from trusted sites to yours can go a long way toward pushing your content up in search result rankings.

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