July 18, 2024

Is There Platonic Website Copy?

Web Copy - Platonic Web CopyIs There Platonic Website Copy? 

Pluto, a great philosopher, has a following of contemporary philosophers that construe “Platonism” to mean the proposition that universals exist independently of particulars.

What does this mean for website copy? Is there universal web copy? I strongly argue that the answer is no. Universal web copy does not exist. If you are writing website copy then you need to consider some important particulars to make your web copy effective. 

Here are some particulars:

  • Specifics  of product or service
  • Specific of target audience
  • Timing
  • Keywords as they relate to both the specifics of the product or service as well as the target audience.

Therefore, there is no universal copy where one page of copy for a given product or service works effectively for all. There is no “universal”. Do not fall into the trap of trying to write perfect universal copy. It will never happen. Write great copy and be willing to experiment and measure results. Also, consider A/B testing of key website pages to help you to decide upon more effective copy versus less effective web copy.

Your willingness to experiment, measure and modify is a fundament factor to your success.