April 16, 2024

Engaging Your Community

Engaging Your Niche

Your Ideal Community

Engaging Your Niche - Niche Focused Marketing - Your Key To SuccessLet’s say you live in a place but never develop any relationships that are in that place. You live in this community but never do anything within the community. You don’t join local clubs or volunteer or attend local events.

Do you really belong to that community? You live there but you are not engaged. As a result of your lack of engagement, your local community does not engage with you.

You live there but you are not part of there.

The same can happen online with your business or your community.

There’s no such thing as “the Big Three” when it comes to social networks.

There are no linear paths for customers to follow. In reality, the set of online channels and the paths you can use to connect with your audience are nebulous and convoluted.

Will things become clearer or more confusing as we proceed?

Soon wearables will be common. We now have personal assistants in our home with Amazon Echo and Google Home. We can now talk to Google with our smartphones and we ask specific questions and expect specific answers. We can place orders using Amazon Echo. We can ask Alexa local movie times/places and inform us of the weather. The Internet of Things is expanding and 5G speed is approaching and then the Internet of Things will really take off.

Facebook, Twitter and blogging will be important but not do all that you need to do to reach all ideal clients and potential clients. You need to focus on how to gain the most exposure and engagement with a sizeable part of your ideal audience.

Therefore, the approach is not just to post regularly on Facebook or Snapchat or on your blog. Your approach needs to focus on relationship-building and community-building. So how can you adapt? What do you need to do? You need to be active at pulling in your ideal community, not passively waiting for them to engage.


You need to niche-focus in everything. You need to understand your audience extremely well. Your content needs to be specialized and specifically talk to and be specifically designed to engage your ideal audience.

Answer the specific questions that your ideal audience have. Know the problems they face and provide your solutions in a way that enables your ideal audience to know that you are part or can be a part of their team. You never want to be thought of as just another salesperson with an item to pitch. You want to be seen as an expert, a teammate, a collaborator.

Always be in a position to provide, exact and specific examples of how you have helped solve key problems and helped your clients to be more successful or how you helped them to enjoy a better life.

Unique, Special Valuable Content

Do you do special studies that relate specifically to your niche audience? Do you have quality niche-community content that demonstrates your expertise and ability? Again, I need to stress the need to have specific niche-focused content.

For example, imagine you are a real estate agent . . .Niche-Niche Marketing - Real Estate and Geographic

  • Do you blog about the local community?
  • Do you have local photos on your website pages and multiple photo galleries about the area?
  • Do you create video content that emphasizes how cool it is to live in the area?

If you do then Google will pick up on this content and place you higher in the rankings. If you do then Google will send you more traffic. If you are higher in position then homeowners in the area will want to list with you. If they list with you then other agents bring their buyers to your listings. If you blog and demonstrate your expertise about the area then you will attract more listings as people will want to list their home with the local real estate expert.

Build Relationships in Your Niche

Develop co-marketing initiatives with key vendors or service providers.

For example, imagine you kitchen cabinet retailer . . .

  • Do you blog about kitchen design ideas and kitchen enhancements?
  • Do collaborate with local builders and contractors and co-market with them?
  • Do you form alliances with kitchen faucet manufacturers?

Interview collaborators and publish these interviews on your blog and then promote them within your niche on the significant social media platform associated with your ideal audience.

Consider interviewing some of your ideal clients and how they worked with both your company and the local contractor and how they now have their dream kitchen. Feature them in blog posts, social media content and in e-books and white papers.

Develop relationships within your niche with key influencers. This has a leveraging effect that can be very significant. it can help you expand your knowledge, your ideas, your exposure and your success. Collaboration can multiple your efforts considerably.

Here is an example of influencer leverage.

You have 2000 followers on Twitter. You tweet with some noteworthy hashtags and get exposure for the tweet of 4,200. One of your influencer collaborators has 52,000 followers and much more influence in the niche. This collaborator retweets your tweet also with some key niche-focused hashtags and gets exposure for your tweet of 126,000. This is a leverage multiple of 30. This is an example that does not even consider the extra exposure that can occur if another collaborator/influencer also picks up your tweet and retweets it.

Niche Focused Influencer Marketing

Influencers want to work within their ideal audience niche as this is where they have influence. Therefore, do not look for an influencer just because of their follower size. Look for influencers that do their work in your ideal audience niche.


The only way to attract and to enable engagement in the content marketing world is to create specific and valuable niche-focused content. This enables you to play to your strengths. This enables you to answer specific questions and solve problems in an exact way – the way that makes a great deal of sense to your ideal audience.