July 25, 2024

Content Marketing – Visual Assets

Content Marketing

Your Visual Assets – Boost Your Business Online

Content Marketing - Visual Assets


I often make a point about creating meaningful and interesting content (even entertaining content) to help in your content marketing efforts. I want to emphasize the importance of taking stock of your visual inventory capabilities when it comes to creating delightful content.

Many of the items listed in this article can be created with very little effort. But I will also point out that developing skill in certain visual areas or having access to a visual content creator will be a big help in boosting your ability to create content that will help boost your business online.

Why is visual content so important to online marketing?

A good visual piece can:

  • Make things more interesting.
  • Give people a break from reading text.
  • Help people to understand.
  • Provide more incentive to for people to provide links back to your content piece. This last point is a valuable factor in gaining position in search.

Here are some visual assets that we all can consider.


Content Marketing - Visual Assets - PhotosPhotos can add a substantial component to any content piece. You can annotate them to help the photo deliver your message. People like photos. People share photos. There are some social media sites that have been designed around the concept of sharing visual items therefore a nice photo can also help build links into your site.


Charts and Graphs

Content Marketing - Visual Asset - Graph or ChartIf you find yourself explaining data in a text context then consider how you may be able to generate a graph or chart instead. Complex data sets can be made much easier to understand when put into a graph. Always make it easy for your reader.

Also, a terrific graph or chart is something that others may share and this will help your link building.

Visual Representations

Content Marketing - Visual Assets - RepresentationsA visual representation of a concept can help people to understand. This can also provide an in-coming link building opportunity for you as your representation of a concept or idea may be just what was needed to promote interest and excitement. 


Info Graphics

Content Marketing - Visual Asset - Infographic

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These are graphics that help us to understand a process or a concept. They are heavily used by marketers to help deliver a message which depended on text explanations in the past.

I once attended a presentation on how to work a room. It was well presented as a topic and the entire presentation was based on this single info graphic. As an example of an info graphic you can see how this is effective.


Content Marketing - Visual Assets - ComicComics can make a point and do so in a humorous manner. People often share an interesting, controversial or entertaining comic with me. A well thought out comic entertains and can help make a point and again (need I say it) can help build links back to your site and boost its position in search. 





Content Marketing - Visual Assets - IllustrationsIllustrations can make things more interesting. Last month I attended a presentation on The Value of Blogging to Business and the presentation was done with a series of stories with each story being represented by an illustration. The illustration helped the audience to understand. In this case, the presentation was in a live environment but the illustration concept can easily be extended to an online environment.

Doing something creative and innovative can help to gain exposure in search.


Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs can also help to make your point and can catch the attention of a reader but they do take more time and skill. They are also now readily available on numerous graphic website at reasonable fees.

Here is an example of an animated GIF that could be used in a blog post about entertaining, wine or hospitality – an endless glass of wine!

Visual Assets - Animated GIF - Wine Glass









Screen Shots and Screen Captures


For certain products or services a screen capture is a great way to convey a message. It again can help the reader to understand and makes it easier for the reader. Always make it as easy as you can to convey your message online.

Here is a screen capture of the home page of my website where I point out the link to a full set of content marketing tutorials.

Visual Assets - Screen Captures


In summary, you can see that there are many opportunities for you to add interest, insert excitement, provide entertainment, introduce a visual break and make it easier on the reader by using a visual asset.

Visual assets can be an important and valuable part of your content marketing.

If you want to learn more about Content Marketing you may be interested in taking our Content Marketing Tutorial Series. If you do then we know you will enjoy it and gain from it.