July 18, 2024

Content Marketing and Sharing

Content Marketing Sharing

Why do we share the content of others?

Here are my 10 top reasons why someone would share the work of others.

  • The content is entertaining.
  • It is spectacular.
  • It evokes deep emotions and feelings.
  • You believe it will resonate with the general world view of your audience.
  • The content causes you to pause and ponder.
  • It is getting traction in mainstream media.
  • It is gossipy.
  • It is provocative.
  • The content adds to the conversation or the body of knowledge.
  • It makes us look good (interesting, funny or thoughtful).

When you encourage others to share your content turn these reasons into questions for your content piece. If you can say yes to multiple reasons then you have a good content piece and it is ready for others to share it.

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