May 28, 2024

Blogging Tip – Blogging SEO

Blogging SEO - Use Post CategoriesBlogging SEO

Using Post Categories

I use WordPress for both the SEO Notebook Blog and this website. WordPress allows the use of a blog feature known as “Categories”. All good blogging platforms have this feature.

This feature provides some excellent blogging SEO benefits. To set up your blog in this manner will help your blog and website to perform better in search.

The reasons are as follows:

By placing your blog posts in multiple related categories you increase the chance that the blog post will be found by the search engines. Therefore, you increase the chance that links in the blog post will be found and the pages that these links point to. This helps the individual blog to be found in search and all pages that are links to from the post to gain a higher position in search. Remember that the search engines consider a link to a page to be a vote for that page in terms of its value and authority.

My recommendation is to use logic category names that also provide SEO benefit by using keyword phrases as category names.

By placing your post in multiple categories you help people find your materials. To have logical and interesting blog categories that are also based on search phrases that people use helps the exposure of that category and all the blog posts in that category. Some people may be attracted to a particular category and others to another category. Multiple categories help you to attract readers.

Blogging SEO – Keep Your Blog Relevant

Also, by putting your posts in categories you will also be able to gain insights into which categories are more popular and which are less popular. Publish more to the more popular categories to keep these people interested and study how to improve the popularity of less popular categories or redefine or eliminate the least popular categories. This will help to keep your blog relevant.

When setting up your blog use all the advantages that you can and this means to use categories and to post to multiple categories.