June 16, 2024

Ten Creative Blogging Ideas

Blogging IdeasTen Creative Blogging Ideas

Blogging Creativity

Writing a business blog can be a great deal of fun. However, it will not seem like fun when you don’t have a good idea for a blog post. When I am stumped for an idea I take a step back and think about how I can be more creative. The ideas just seem to flow when I focus on being creative rather than trying to think of a specific blog topic.

Put your mind in a mode to provide valuable information and how to present it and share it and do not be specific at first – let the concept ideas flow.

Your blog can help you become a leader in your field so post relevant, up-and-coming information that demonstrates to your clients and potential clients your authority and knowledge. Your blog post can (and should) give your readers great ideas that they can apply.

Here is my top ten list of creative ideas that can help you to then think of specific blog post ideas.

1. Write how-to articles. This type of post will give your readers instructions – and you can even include screenshots or images – on how to do something related to your business. This will help your readers to view you as a knowledgeable, authoritative source.

2. Create a “tips” lists. You could offer lists with benefits for doing something or lists of things to avoid. These can help readers understand your business or industry better. Authorities always have some cool tips.

3. Write an FAQ post. If you take the time to answer the questions all of your customers are asking, it shows you acknowledge them and want to find solutions. It will also help save your time and the time of your customers. This is clearly helpful.

4. Pay attention to the news. You want your blog to feel up-to-date, so incorporating current events is always beneficial. You could talk about how relevant current events could affect your customers.

5. Relate to your customers. Readers will appreciate your posts more if they relate to directly to them. You can write posts related to the seasons, time of year or specific holidays.

6. Interview. In any community of industry there are insightful people to interview. Interviews not only provide a nice variation but also help you to get to know someone better. Written interviews are fine but you could notch it up by providing an audio version or even a video.

7. Create a step-by-step tutorial. Whether you make a video or a stream of images, readers will be excited if you show them how to do something. Everyone likes learning new things, and it’s always easier with multimedia. I once fixed my TV by watching a video and the music was Led Zeppelin. I was educated on something useful and valuable and entertained at the same time!

8. Make a slideshow of pictures. Many modern blog content management systems have slideshow capabilities. If you use a camera then consider how a slide show could liven up your blog.

9. Write “sneak peek” posts. Give your readers inside updates on some of your new ideas. It could be your new location or a new product or service. You can use any form of multimedia to do this and this will help you generate interest.

10. Make staff profiles. By including images (helps engagement) and descriptions for each of your employees, readers can feel more connected to you, your staff and your business. Use the profile to explain the value added by each employee to the customer.

11. A Bonus Tip! – Share customer feedback. Many businesses receive suggestions from customers. You could write a post which highlights a specific suggestion. This shows you’re listening and value customer feedback. It also shows that you are open-minded and willing to consider new ideas.

I had to include this bonus item as it brought us back to the very beginning – new ideas and being open to explore them. Sometimes when you are struggling to come up with the idea for your next blog post take a step back and take out this list and I am sure the ideas will flow.

Your blog can become a valuable business asset. It can help your authority in general and adds value to your readers on specific topics. You need to have some worthy blogging ideas and I hope that my list of ten (with the bonus tip) will help.

Happy blogging!