May 28, 2024

Real Estate SEO – Blogging Ideas

Real Estate SEO - Blog IdeasReal Estate SEO – Blogging Ideas

I have noted many times in that a real estate blog is great for content in general and extremely valuable for fresh content. Content and indeed – fresh content – is essential for high search position.


If one of your real estate business goals is to rank your site at a high level in the search engines and keep visitors engaged then blogging is the key.

A real estate blog is the perfect platform to enable your real estate business to focus on topics and key word phrases that you want your website to rank well for in search. If done properly you can make a very positive impact on your website’s search engine rankings.

Real Estate SEO and Blogging are powerfully related.

Real estate blogging is a very effective way to draw in new clients and keep your current clients up-to-date on the real estate world. It is also a way to let your reader know about your real estate and community expertise and your commitment to your profession.

Here are some content/topic ideas for you to think over for your real estate blog.

1. Featured Listings

You can highlight featured home listing in many ways and one great way is to set up a home profile page on your blog. You can describe the listing in detail and include photo galleries and video content. You can even link to other documents such as PDFs on the community or PDFs on floor plans or a downloadable brochure.

If you really want to raise the bar – always a good idea – you can have your website designer set up a blog page template for showcasing featured listings for that extra “wow factor.”

2. Sold Listings

You can create a category on your blog where you list of all of the homes sold by your company. This category on your real estate blog can be where you can demonstrate your experience in selling real estate and your longevity as a real estate company. This section of your blog can be a real marketplace differentiator. The longer the list the better. So feel free to go back few years if your need to. You can include a picture, a brief description and if your can manage it a testimonial from your client.

3. Top 10 Best Real Estate Buys

Your real estate customers will appreciate your insights into this “inside information”. You can include the location, price-per-square-foot ratios, important features, recent upgrades, potential for resale value, why they may be overlooked as “hidden gems”.

This blog topic or category needs to be up-to-date to be current with the homes on the market.

Note also that Google loves items such as “Top Ten Lists”. A list in a blog can be great for real estate SEO.

4. Top 10 Best Vacation Homes

Creating a list of the best vacation homes in your real estate area is another way to give your real estate customers your special insights. If your area is a great area for vacation homes then this can be a very valuable part of your blog.

This is another list that needs to be kept up-to-date and as noted above Google and the other major search engine love top ten lists.

5. Top 10 Best Foreclosure Listings

If this category makes sense for your business in the current environment this can also be a valuable part of your real estate blog. As always you will be letting your customers know that you want them to get the best deal possible by offering a list of the best foreclosure listings. Again, you can include the location, price-per-square-foot, upgrades, potential for resale value, etc. This is another list or category that needs to be kept up-to-date.

6. New Construction Homes

Many customers will be interested in the newest homes n your marketplace, so you could create a list of new construction homes that you like. Mention if they are in a special neighborhood or community, perhaps note the builder with a short bio on the builder. The local builders will love this and this special information is valuable to a buyers. This is another list that needs to be kept current.

7. Luxury Properties

You could do a great deal with the section of your blog. Get potential customers to dream big by creating a list. You could also do a profile of a single home and publish 2-4 times per month. This is a great way to keep presenting fresh content.

If possible include lots of pictures if it is a once-a-week profile or just one picture for each property if you publish as a list.

SEO Tip: “Luxury Real Estate” is a sought after key word phrase in many areas. If you have a weekly profile page partially titled with “luxury real estate” then over time this will help your rankings for this search term. For example your blog posting would be optimized for “Woodstock Vermont Luxury Real Estate”. If this was an important phrase for your real estate business then your blog would be helping you to achieve top search position for this phrase.

8. Home of the Week

This is a great weekly blog topic idea. This could be a home that your office picked as a group or your own personal pick. Either way, describe why it was chosen including the location, cost-per-square-foot, whether or not it is undervalued, or any other reason that makes this a great home of the week.

9. Special Location Listings

Location can be a key selling point, so create a list of homes that might be near or in a popular area. Your list might include ski-in/ski-out homes for condo units, or homes, timeshares, or condos in a planned community with great amenities (i.e., built in pool, gym, golf course, tennis club, etc.).

10. Historic Properties 

Many buyers are attracted to properties that have a lot of history behind them and a lot of character. This is also a chance to play up the jewels-in-the-rough and potential resale value of a restored home. This doesn’t need to be a weekly topic, so you could just post a new listing as they come on the market, depending on how often you have the opportunity to sell a historic property.

Real Estate SEO – Summary

These ideas will be great content for your blog and great for the SEO and search position potential of your blog. These ideas will also help you to think about how to develop content for your blog is not so daunting. It can even be fun!