May 28, 2024

Content Updates and SEO Value

SEO - Google PenguinContent Updates and SEO Value —

Google loves websites that update often. I know of many websites that do not have many backlinks pointing to them. However, they still achieve good search engine position on niche-phrase because they update their content relative to their niche target markets. Google and the other major search engines love high-quality fresh web content.

Building backlinks consistently is important of course however do not neglect the SEO value and importance of great and fresh content. Write a new post for your website. This will help to get position and traffic. This works!

Content is still king when it comes to attracting search engines. It has worked in the past and it works now.

With all the Panda’s and Penguins about these days, you will find that your website can gain higher search rankings, simply by creating high-quality fresh content. Perhaps you do no want to write everyday but schedule an hour to write something every week. Your site will be rewarded with improved search position and your visitors will also like the new content and the value it provides.