July 17, 2024

Ads of Impact

Advertising with ImpactMy prior blog post (Content Marketing versus Advertising) stated that advertising has its place and helps your content marketing efforts. A clever ad attracts attention and gets someone to want to learn more.

A clever ad is retained longer.


With this thought in mind take a look at these ads which I hand picked from many that I reviewed. They are thought provoking; they are harsh; they capture your attention and you retain the message longer.

The ads say it all. This is exactly what an ad should do.

The selection I present below is based on ads for social issue causes but any product, service or issue can be advertised for impact and retention.

Advertising with Impact















Advertising with Impact















Advertising with Impact
















Advertising with Impact - Drinking and Driving

If you want to learn more about Content Marketing which moves people from seeing an advertisement to wanting to learn more and ultimately to bringing them into your business then we have created a set of content marketing tutorials.


Content marketing can help your business in many ways.