May 28, 2024

A/B Testing – What to Test

A/B Testing - Web DesignA/B Testing

What to A/B Test?

Your choice of what to test in an A/B Test will be dependant on your objectives.

Define your objectives and then define factors that have impact on achieving them.

For example, if your goal is to increase the number of sign-ups, then you might test the following: 

  • Length of the sign-up form
  • Types of fields in the form
  • Display of (or not) your privacy policy
  • Displaying (or not) “social proof
  • Bullet list of reasons to sign up versus paragraph wording
  • Image and what image

The goal of A/B Testing in this case is to figure out what enhances visitors to this page to sign up. Is the form’s length intimidating? Are visitors concerned about privacy? Or does the website page do a bad job of convincing visitors to sign up? Does one image help and another hurt? All of these questions can be answered by testing these elements of the webpage design. Even though every A/B test is unique, certain elements of the web page design are usually tested:

  • The call to action’s (i.e. the button’s) wording, size, color and placement
  • Headline or product description
  • Form’s length and types of fields
  • Layout and style of web page
  • Product pricing and promotional offers
  • Images on landing and product pages A
  • Amount of text on the page (short vs. long)

If you have a worthy product or service then it makes a great deal of sense to test which version of your website page delivers the information and offer for this product or service the best. This is the essence of A/B Testing.