July 18, 2024

Real Estate Websites

How To Improve Your Real Estate Website to Attract & Engage Sellers

Consider the Perspective of the Seller . . .

First, what are the most important concerns that a seller has? If you can demonstrate on your website that you can address each and every concern then you will get more listings and better listings.

One of the most important items to address on your real estate website and with your listing presentation for the seller is to demonstrate that you can provide the services needed to sell their home. What are the real estate marketing services expected of you by the seller?

If you do not demonstrate your real estate listing capabilities well then you may lose a listing that you otherwise should have received. Address the expectations of the seller through your website and you’ll start to win more and better seller business.

Real Estate Websites

Here Are Some Expert Tips On How To Ensure that You Can Address the Expectations of the Seller:

Represent and Showcase Your Listings in the Most Positive Light . . .

Ensure Well Designed Listing Pages

A well organized, and clean layout for each listing shows that you care and it gives a nice first impression for all your listings and your ability to market real estate.

Use Only High Quality and Appropriate Photographs

If you are not (yet) a good photographer or do not have the proper camera to photograph real estate well then invest in a trusted professional photographer. Photos of your listings are crucial to making a good impression with any potential seller. Photography is often the most overlooked element of a listing and this is a major failure for any seller.

Write Great Comprehensive Descriptions

If you want to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your real estate listings, write unique, comprehensive content/descriptions. Do the extra work to get the text content right. Remember that this content is presented on your website and adds to the depth of content on your website. Do not repeat content even if listings are similar as this can appear to be duplicate content and could work to lower your position in search.

If your site has duplicate content as determined by Google then Google has to determine which is the original and which is the duplicate content. You do not want any of your listings to be seen as duplicate content and ignored by Google.

Have A Featured Properties Showcasing Page

If you want to attract sellers, you need to prove to them that their home will be seen in multiple ways. If your have multiple ways for your website visitors to view properties then this enables sellers to feel confident that their home will be seen when people visit your website.

Always Ensure Effective Real Estate Search Engine Optimization

You need to get your website on the 1st page of Google for a large number of generic search phrases associated with your target geographic area and real estate market segments. You need to prove to Google that you are the best real estate authority in your geographic area.

All of your pages need to be optimized for your target market.

Also, a real estate blog that demonstrate your real estate authority on your community is a big plus. You can also use your blog to showcase your listings. Talk about the community and specific listings for great SEO content.

Use Video/Virtual Tours

A quality video tour of your listings will impress your potential seller as they realize that this helps to showcase and sell a home.

Create Single Property Real Estate Websites

Another effective way to make your listings stand out is to ctreate dedicate a stand-alone real estate websites for your listings. This is particularly effective if the real estate listing needs more than a standard MLS presentation.

Also, there is added value for the search position of your main real estate website by using a dedicated home showcasing website to build the link network of your main site.

WSI Global Reach can help you with any of these key real estate marketing tools to help you to attract and engage sellers. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you to dominate your real estate niche.