July 3, 2022

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Does Google’s Link Operator Tell You Anything Meaningful?

Google and LinkingDoes the Google’s Link Operator Tell You Anything Meaningful?

The simple answer a NO! Typing link:www.yoursite.com into Google’s search box often won’t even show you any links. It certainly will not show you all your links. When it does show you some, they’re usually not the best ones.

Don’t bother to use this command because it is mis-leading at the very best. While there are some helpful tools that can find some backlinks, there is no foolproof method for finding out about all the links that point to your site or to your competitors’ sites. The good news is, just because you can’t find them all doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Keep making a great site with great content that delights your visitors and also continue to create fresh web content. Then work to get the word out in as many ways as you can.

Keep building your link profile and link network. Do not worry too much if you cannot generate an accurate list of all your links. As you create great web content and gain in-coming links you will see your site rise in search and you will see your traffic grow and this will be proof enough.

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Your Best Communication Tool – Your Website

Web Content - SEO - Web CopyYour Best Communication Tool – Your Website —

Are you a tech-savvy business owner? Do you use your website as a high-performance communication tool? Your website can be your best communication tool. You only have to learn how to use it and then do it. What high-value materials can you add to your website that is designed to help and create high value for your target audience? If you think about ways to help your target audience with great problem-solving materials then you have a great mindset to be a top communicator using your website (or blog).

Also, add web copy materials to your website that are optimized for search. Good content is search engine optimized. Optimize your materials for search to give your content the best chance it has to be found by your target audience. Properly search engine optimized web content is good for the searcher and good for you. Everyone wins.

Learn the technology you need to learn to be a top communicator. Use your website to capture and hold the attention of your target audience with search engine optimized high value content.

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