July 18, 2024

Upper Valley Video Library – Links Database

Hanover-NorwichThis is a video of the Hanover-Norwich area in the winter. It shows Dartmouth College and even has scenes from the top of the Baker Library. There are scenes of downtown Hanover in the day and night. DHMC is featured as is Norwich, VT and the Montshire Museum. The music is upbeat and energetic.

Duration: 3:25


Woodstock, Vermont

This is a video of beautiful Woodstock Village in the fall. It shows some of the fine homes and buildings of the village, the Rockefeller Mansion and some scenes of Billings Farm.

Duration: 1:58 


Vermont Mist and Rain

Vermont can be wonderful in the mist and rain. This video captures how beautiful the nature of Vermont is on a rainy or misty day. The time frame is early to late October.

Duration: 1:20 


Woodstock Area Winter

This video captures the appeal and beauty of the Vermont winter. The music blends perfectly with the scenery and creates a contemplative mood.

Duration: 1:50 


Rural Woodstock

Fields, tree and scenes of the beautiful nature of the Vermont countryside during the fall are shown in this video. The music is soothing just like the rural countryside of Vermont.

Duration: 1:15 


South Woodstock

There are wonderful scenes of the South Woodstock area in the fall. The stately homes, the country store, the Green Mountain Horse Association and the Woodstock golf course are displayed. The music adds to the charisma of the area.

Duration: 1:40 



Barnard, Vermont

This is another fall video. This one is of Barnard, Vermont (north of Woodstock). The scenes display some of the nice homes around Silver Lake and also present some of the areas of Mount Hunger and some less visited areas away from the state park and Silver Lake. The music blends perfectly with the appeal of the subject and adds to the allure of the area.

Duration: 2:05 


Hartland, Vermont

Hartland is shown in the winter in this video. There was a fresh snowfall a couple of days before and the new snow and the clear blue sky makes a spectacular combination. The music is cheerful and buoyant.

Duration: 1:59 


Plymouth, Vermont

This video shows some of the lakes of the Plymouth area and the Calvin Coolidge Historic site. The time of the year is fall. The music has a country music style quality with some excellent guitar finger picking.

Duration: 1:36 


Taftsville, Vermont

The hamlet of Taftsville, Vermont and the surrounding area are shown in this fall video. The main part of the video is as if one were to walk along the Ottauquechee River between Taftsville towards Woodstock. The music is serene and peaceful.

Duration: 1:51


Vermont Law School, South Royalton & Royalton, Vermont

The Vermont Law School, South Royalton and Royalton are shown in this fall video. The music is lively with a steady beat.

Duration: 1:44 


Pomfret, Vermont

The hills of Pomfret are displayed on a perfect fall day in this video. The music is tranquil.

Duration: 1:12 


Quechee, Vermont

The shows Quechee on a fine November day including some scenes of the Quechee Gorge. The leaves are gone but winter has not yet arrived. The music is relaxing and soothing.

Duration: 2:06


Wassail Weekend – Woodstock, Vermont

The event is a special time for Woodstock and draws quite a crowd. The parade and the lighting of the village green with luminaries add to the magic. The video ends with some window shopping in the village. There are three distinct music tracks for each segment of the video.

Duration: 2:28 


Killington, VT Snowboard

Killington hosted an International snowboard competition and this video captures some of the excitement. The music has a high-powered beat to it.

Duration: 0:59 


Canaan, NH

Canaan, New Hampshire looks beautiful in this winter video. The fine homes of the main street area are well depicted as are the historical buildings. There are also views of Mount Cardigan. The music is enriching and elevating.

Duration: 1:34 


Mount Cardigan NH – Climb To The Summit

There are great views from the summit in this video. Many of the images are panoramic. Mount Cardigan is a very accessible mountain and not very difficult to climb. It is just one of the many great attractions of the Upper Valley area. The time is mid-October.

Duration: 1:20 


Upper Valley Covered Bridges

Some of the main Upper Valley Covered Bridges are shown in this Spring video. The water levels are high and make for good imagery and the foliage has not yet come in so the bridges are well displayed. The music is dramatic and with a fast paced background piano melody.

Duration: 2:32



Both the village of Ludlow and the fine homes of the ski area of Okemo are presented in this winter video. The day was pleasantly cold and the sky crystal clear. There are excellent views of Mount Ascutney in the distance. The music is cheerful, upbeat and carefree.

Duration: 2:20 


Upper Valley Barns

This video shows a wide assortment of the wonderful barns of the Upper Valley in the Spring. The music is reflective and thoughtful.

Duration: 2:40 


Woodstock Historical Society

This is a voice-narrated presentation giving an overview of the Dana House Museum of the Woodstock History Center. The music is cheerful and buoyant.

Duration: 2:40 


Dartmouth Campus Architecture – Spring – 08

The Dartmouth Campus looks spectacular in this spring video. There is some wonderful and interesting architecture on campus. The music is steady and balanced.

Duration: 1:43 



Quechee Balloon Festival – 08

The Quechee Balloon Festival is one of the highlights of the year for the Upper Valley. There are late afternoon and early morning scenes in this video. The balloons are a perfect subject against the sky and the Quechee landscapes. The music is joyful just like the event.

Duration: 1:57 



Lyme, New Hampshire – Summer

Lyme, New Hampshire, along the Connecticut River, is the topic of this video. The fine homes surrounding the village green are displayed as well as some of the farm and rural settings around Lyme. The music is reflective and thoughtful.

Duration: 2:32


Claremont, New Hampshire – Summer

This video focuses on 4 aspects of Claremont. These are stately homes, historic buildings, mill restorations and the downtown area. These four aspect blend together perfectly for a fine overview of potential of this community. The music is subtle and confident.

Duration: 2:25