June 20, 2024

Upper Valley Video Library – Examples

Here are examples of videos and also a main method to display the videos on a page.

Woodstock Area Outdoor Aesthetics

Aesthetics – The nature of art, beauty, and taste, along with the appreciation of beauty. It is a sensory or sensori-emotional appreciation and Vermont and the outdoor beauty of Vermont make people long for its simple elegance and peaceful nature.

Balloons Over Quechee

The Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival is the longest running hot air balloon festival in New England. Balloons soar over the picture-perfect Vermont landscape. Some even dip down into the Quechee Gorge. They are a beautiful sight.

Woodstock VT Area Farm Scenes

A Vermont farm is a special place. A Vermont farm may have pastures, a sugar bush and woodland mixed together and the views are a sight to be seen. Traditional rustic barns are also on display. The local-food movement and the increased interest in organic food has resulted in Vermont farms regaining their revered status in Vermont’s identity and economy.

If you are one who loves the land, this short video will show you how beautiful a farm in Vermont can be.

Woodstock Area High-Lights

Driving in the central Vermont area is always a treat. There are an abundance of scenic roads displaying lush forest areas, meadows, farms, rivers and streams. The Appalachian Trail winds through the heart of the area. There are numerous short day hikes and one can gain easy access to the Vermont Long Trail as well.

Here are some 'high' lights of the area.

Woodstock VT Area Fall Foliage

Autumn in Vermont

Vermont is famous for its green rolling hills which turn into a kaleidoscope glorious fall foliage color as leaves change from their summer green. The air is crisp and cool – perfect for hiking, biking or a pleasant drive along back roads, where farm stands are piled high with crunchy apples and orange pumpkins. Vermont during the fall is a perfect place.

Woodstock Area Lakes and Ponds - In the Good Old Summertime!

Central Vermont is on the same latitude as Tuscany in Italy so summers are warm and sunny. It is a nice time to be out on the water or sitting by a beautiful lake or pond. You may expect bright blue skies, green forests and colorful flowers. The day time temperatures are comfortable and we can get an occasional ‘heat wave’ yet the green canopies and cool-water mountain streams keep the temperature comfortable.

Vermont is perfect for endless outdoor summer adventures or just to relax and do nothing at all!

Vermont Winter - Dressed in White

Winter in Vermont - the air is crisp. The sunny days are brilliant! The views are clear and everything is dressed in its best winter whites. The snow is pure and activities are everywhere. It’s so easy to feel fortunate in winter in Vermont. The cool aura of an invigorating winter day compels you to be outside and no one will bother to ask you why you are wearing a long sleeved shirt.

It's All Downhill - Vermont Downhill Skiing

There are some wonderful skiing areas in Vermont. Suicide Six is Woodstock's very own local ski area and is a 5 minute drive from downtown Woodstock. There are also Killington-Pico, Okemo and Sugarbush. These are big-time mountains with a great deal of excellent and varied terrain.