April 15, 2024

About @GaryPHorsman

Thank you for coming over from Twitter!

This is a special page for those seeking more information and success on Twitter.

Here is a PDF download of Twitter Advice and Tips.

Also, to add a bit of high-energy humor below is a video on how one can get too caught up in the social media buzz. Rather than just jumping in and then floundering, it is better to think about what you want to achieve and then to plan how to do it. The video below illustrates the extreme hype around social media marketing.

Gary Horsman - Twitter

The most successful social media efforts begin with a well-considered plan that includes goals and analysis. Goals will keep you on track and analysis of your achievements will help you improve.

I know you want to delegate this responsibility to your new intern but this may be a way to get off on the wrong foot. Your marketing can be delegated to your brilliant intern but you need to do much more than this. You need to provide support and guidance to your intern.

The time and money you put into a good social media plan will be well worth the investment.

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