June 16, 2024

Website Design

Deep Design = Thoughtful Design

Website Design is a process; it transforms a business idea into a viable online message that attracts specific individuals and groups of individuals interested in that message.

Website Design - Deep Design

What does deep website design mean? It is design that is thoughtful and considerate and based on an integrated thinking and planning approach.

It integrates:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Website Graphics
  • Website Layout
  • Branding
  • Website Content
  • Search Engine Optimization (both on site and off site)

Far too many times, we hear statements like “I just need a simple website design.” or “We can do the website design first and then optimize it later.” While it might feel good initially to take an easier approach, a well thought out and optimized website will outperform competing “simple websites.” It is far easier and far more efficient to do the work up front—taking the time to research key words and phrases and considering how you will use the site to present and market your business—to develop a stronger and more effective site.

Here are ten reasons for you to consider a deep website design for your website.

Know the Market Well

Deep website design means that we will conduct a market study which will include a competitive analysis to determine the keyword phrases for optimized business performance. You should not develop your website without detailed market knowledge. We need to determine what phrases people are using to search and the associated search volume. We also need to understand the competition associated with each phrase and how worthy they may be.

No Clutter

Deep website design also means that the site will not be cluttered. Our lives are beset by clutter, not just a clutter of materials goods but also a clutter of ideas, options and instructions. Deep website design is good design and it lets a website visitor understand more easily and helps them to prioritize. Good website design is not easy. It includes the website copy and the imagery. It combines the content with functionality and your branding. It makes things easy for the website visitors.

A Golden Age of Website Design

We are now on the verge of a golden age of website design. Website design tools are easier to use and available to all of us.

This is a good thing but it also means that you need to stay on your toes. You cannot be lackadaisical and stop working to maintain and further develop your online presence. You need to use the best technology for the function you need to perform on your website and need to continue to create great content. 

Too Much Information – Poorly Organised – is Bad Business!

Too much information has become the chorus of complaint from all quarters. If you create a website with great content and great functionality and give the website design some deep thought then you will have a website that attracts visitors, these visitors will convert to customers at a higher rate and your website will put money in your bank account.

When you consider a new website or a new aspect to your website give it the thought that it deserves and create an organized design that is clear and elegant. If you do this then everyone benefits!