October 3, 2023

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Personalized Content Marketing

Make Your Content Stand Out

Connect on a Person-to-Person Level

The most powerful content makes a personal connection. Econsultancy found that 52% of digital marketers agree that “the ability to personalize content is fundamental to their online strategy.” While you don’t have to provide personal anecdotes or points of view for every post you publish, try to add a personal touch and create content specific to your target audience that engages in a personal way.

The Person Behind the Words

Readers like to know that there is a real person behind the words—don’t be afraid to draw back the curtain so people can see the content wizard—you.

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Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy and Content MarketingDigital Literacy

It’s Vital for Business Success

Every business needs to learn how to react to external conditions.

Everyone in a business needs to be functionally literate and today this mean digitally literate. You have to understand the basic concepts and know what’s going on, why it’s important, what to do about, what’s expected, and so on. 

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Maximize The Impact of Your Content

Content Marketing – Maximum Impact

Maximize Your Content Marketing Potential

Content Marketing - Maximize Impac

These are my four steps for creating maximum impact for your message:


​1. Creation

My blog is the heart of my content. I construct up ideas there. It is a place I can send people to so that they can benefit and then share. My posts are the foundation for all my other content. My blog is central to my content marketing strategy.


2. ​Syndication

Look for ways to publish your blog content in a variety of other formats and channels. You can change popular posts into podcasts, videos, or magazine articles. Be true to your core message and ideas. Change the format and extend your reach. Develop a distribution strategy that makes sense for you and your business.


3. Repurpose

Your best blog content can be reused, expanded and combined. Consider books, webinars, courses, and even membership content. Always refine, enhance, and expand. This can be a path to monetization.


4. Participation

Delightful content creates community. People want to share and talk about what they have read, heard, or seen. Moreover, they want to engage with the content creator – that can be cool! Use social media to engage communities that can benefit from your content. Don’t be that “sale person” who is always promoting something – look for ways to add genuine value. You need to have an engagement strategy.


If you spend the time to create delightful content (step #1) then spend time on steps 2-4 to create more impact for your content. Engagement with others is rewarding and fun!

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Content Marketing – Optimize Everything!

Content Marketing

Content Optimization

By now it should go without saying that you need to optimize all your Web content. However, don’t make the mistake of optimizing your site merely for the search engines. Look at optimization from multiple perspectives.

While optimizing for the search engines (SEO) is an important factor of optimization, if you aren’t taking into account the actual users, your efforts could be wasted. As you optimize your content, make sure it is also user-friendly.

Content Marketing - Content Optimization




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Content Marketing – Provide Value

Content Marketing

Always Provide Value

Passion and a skill for words are only two components of outstanding content. You could be the best copywriter on the planet but gain very few followers if your content doesn’t provide one thing to your audience: value. Your content must provide value!

Readers are drawn to content that benefits them. Luckily, there are many ways to provide value—it’s just a matter of identifying the benefits your audience wants, and then catering to those needs.

Content Marketing Value-Opportunity Diagram

Content Marketing - Always Add Value
For example . . .

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Is Facebook Bad for Business?

Is facebook bad for business?Is Facebook Bad for Business?


If you use facebook to marketing your business be careful. It may be a way to gain some exposure, however, you need to define your objectives and measure performance to these objectives to determine the business value of your facebook marketing.

Be careful, watchful and wary of how you market on facebook.

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Sharing and Content Marketing

Your Shareable Content

You spend time creating your content but do you help to make your content shareable? Delightful and shareable content is valuable to you and valuable to the people who are exposed to it – after all it is delightful! Your content needs to connect with your audience to be shared. When shared it spreads the word about you, your business and your content.

Content Marketing and Sharing

Whether a tweet, a blog post a video or a status update, everyone wants their content to engage with their audience. For organizations and professionals, that engagement has important and practical value.

Here are some points to consider to help you get your content shared.

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Organic Search – Shows Strong Growth

Organic Search - Strong GrowthOrganic Search – Shows Strong Growth

Being found in the organic search results without too much difficulty has always been good for business. A recent report by Search Engine Watch shows that search engine optimization was a very strong channel for growth in 2014.

The reason is two-fold.


1. When people search for something they want to find it and block out distractions.
2. Once these active seekers find what they want they convert at a higher rate than people bombarded by ads. Conversion is vital for online success.

The study covered more than 50 brands and 1.1 billion natural search visits in 2014.

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