August 12, 2022

Ideal Keyword Density

The Ideal Keyword Density

Matt Cutts says . . .

A question I often get asked is what is the ideal keyword density for a given page on your website. For a question such as this, I often simply say that you want to write for humans. After all, Google and the other major search engines need to take proper care of their customers and their customer are humans. Google and the other major search engines actually try to emulate humans. That’s right! They actually try to emulate us.

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My Top-10 Link Building Tips for 2013

Link BuildingMy Top-10 Link Building Tips for 2013

Link Building

1. Hire a Competent Copywriter

Don’t expect to get worthy links unless you also have great copy. All of your website content must be top shelf. Use words carefully and creatively. Make your copywriting delightful and this means to use a competent professional copywriter. Get your copy right. If you want some help with your copywriting then consider the services of Heidi White a Freelance Copywriter in Vermont.

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A Powerful Ranking Activity

Backlinks - Important SEO FactorsBacklinks – A Powerful Ranking Activity

Gaining backlinks is a popular subject. The bad feelings that people had with Google when they introduced Penguin last year have made many feel that while not as easy as before (not that it was easy) backlinks are still vital to essentially any effort to improve search position that achieves a high position.

Here are some basic tips when it comes to getting valuable backlinks for your website.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing - Election DayContent Marketing – Election Day

Does Your Content Get Votes

What does your online audience deserve?

It’s Election Day in America and this is a proud and great American tradition. Did you ever stop to consider that when you place content online that people who blog or who own websites or who you may be able to collaborate with have a chance to vote for it? How do they vote?

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Google Disavow Link Tool

Google Disavow Link ToolGoogle Disavow Link Tool

A New Google Webmaster Tool

Google is now giving us all the power to report on links that we do not want to have pointing to websites or blogs. Google calls this a power-user tool. However, since it is available via Google’s Webmaster Tools then it can be used by anyone. I suspect that there will be some misuse or even abuse.

Now, what does this mean for the most legitimate, trustworthy and proper website? What does this mean to you?

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Backlinks and Web Content

Link Building - Sharing Web ContentBacklinks and Web Content

How to get more backlinks with Web Content?

There are many different ways you can get more links pointing to the pages on your website.

First off, think about when you last shared a web page with someone else. You shared because you thought that it was:

Click on any of the above links to see an example. Each of these links to the source is valuable in some manner in my opinion.

The page that you shared was well done. It had something to offer.

Therefore, a great the 1st step to getting some great backlinks is to create some excellent content that people will value.

Create web content worth linking to and the backlinks will come without you having to beg for them.

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Consider Your Internal Link Network

Link Network - SEO NotebookLink Network – Consider Your Internal Link Network

Build Page Rank by Building & Developing Your Internal Link Network 

You need to help your search engine ranking cause by developing the link network of your pages.


You can control a certain part of your page’s link network as you can control the internal (within your own site) linking.

For example, do you have some links from your home page going to deeper internal pages as part of your link network made with some important keyword text? If you don’t then you should. 

Here are three key internal link building activities to help your pages gain page rank and search position:

  1. Build links from your home page to your most important Tier II or even Tier III pages.
  2. Use keyword phrases in these links.
  3. Create internal linking loops to build up the page rank of multiple pages and to increase the value of the in-coming links to any of the pages in the internal loop.

If you create an internal link network you will help to let Page Rank flow freely throughout your site. If you have an internal blog then don’t add nofollow on your links to your category or your archive pages allow these pages to be found and to enjoy an increase in page rank as well.

There are some pages where you may want to add the nofollow attribute. For example you do not need to show the search engines your subscriber login page as a search engine spider is not going to log into your site. You also do not need to have them detect your RSS feed page as the search engines do not want to display RSS feed pages in their search results. There may be other links that you do not want the search engine spiders to follow – think out and plan out your internal links well.  

As a final comment you should always give some good thought to which external pages you link to. I know many people that feel that they do not want to make external links because it will bleed page rank. While this may be true consider that Google respects and encourages you to make links off your site to content that it has high regard for. The major search engines view this as positive as you are adding value for your visitors. Therefore, you can still gain some credit from Google for linking to other high page rank pages.


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