October 21, 2021
16 May

Top Ten Blogging Ideas

My Top Ten Blog Post IdeasMy Top Ten Blogging Ideas

These All Work and Work Well

A blog is one of the best tools available for promoting your business and services online. Here are my top ten ideas for blog posts that could be applied to any business.

Keep this list handy and look it over the next time you’re stuck on what to write about.

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12 May

Technical SEO Audit of Your Website

Technical SEO AuditTechnical SEO Audit of Your Website

Best Practice SEO

You need to make sure that you have covered the basics when you consider your search engine optimization approach. There is a great deal to the content marketing and SEO puzzle and you need to ensure that you have the essentials covered before moving to more complex issues.

It may be time for you to conduct an SEO Audit of your website.

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23 Apr

Business and Content Competitors

Content Marketing Know Your MarketplaceBusiness and Content Competitors

Search Results Competitors

There are many preconceived notions about what can be achieved with a well designed SEO program. Sometimes the visions of what can be achieved are not realistic. Before a company allocates substantial resources there needs to be an effort to understand the competitive landscape.

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13 Apr

Internet Marketing – There's NOTHING Static

Internet Marketing - Are You OptimizedInternet Marketing

There’s Nothing Static About Internet Marketing

Even though there is nothing static about it we can count on one thing as a constant. This constant is the persistent effort by search engines to improve the search results that they present to their customer – the people who are searching – you and me.

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08 Apr

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen Content - What is Evergreen ContentWhat is Evergreen Content?

It’s Long-Lasting Content Which Is Great for SEO

A Guide to Evergreen Content

If you’re involved in content marketing — and virtually anyone who has a well established position on the web is — I am sure that you have heard the term “evergreen content” and probably also have heard that your center of content (your website or blog) needs to have it.

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17 Mar

Blogging – Ask What's Right

Blogging - Ask What's RightWhat’s Right with this Picture?

Ask What’s Right!

Many people go around looking for what’s wrong. An approach you can take to be a successful blogger is to ask what’s right. Take a hard look around your business or at your products and services and task yourself with defining as many nice features or aspects as you can. Then write some interesting blog posts about them.

In a business, you always want to build upon your successful attributes. This is a great starting point. Most successful enterprises do this. Furthermore, if you can define your strengths in terms of benefits to your clients and potential clients then your blog posts provide real value to your readers.

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09 Mar

SEO Tips for Bloggers

SEO and BloggingSEO Tips for Blogs

SEO and Blogging

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) and blogging there are some basic concepts that should be included with every blog post. If you can bring traffic to your blog by reaching a high level in the organic search results for a keyword phrase important to you and your blog theme then this is very valuable traffic. It is valuable because the searcher is seeking for just what you have to offer. If you can then repeat this for multiple keyword phrases then you will be building traffic that can work very nicely for you and your blog.

It is not enough to produce high quality blog content if no one searches for it and no one can find it.

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23 Feb

Shakespeare’s Content Sources

Content Sources - A Content Marketing Lesson from ShakespeareShakespeare’s Content Sources

Content Marketing Lesson from Shakespeare


Shakespeare wrote 38 plays and only two are thought of as being original stories created by Shakespeare himself. Where did the bulk of Shakespeare’s stories come from?


Shakespeare used a multitude of resources as the base materials for his content – his plays. You need to have an abundance of resources to build your content for your content marketing efforts.


Let’s examine this in more detail.

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01 Feb

Content Marketing – Lessons from William Shakespeare

Content Marketing - Lessons from William ShakespeareContent Marketing – Lessons from William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright. He is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the history of the English language. He is also considered the world’s pre-eminent dramatist. 

He practiced his trade in London over 400 years ago and we still read and study and are entertained by his delightful content. Shakespeare knew how to create content that deep and delightful. We can learn lesson about content creation from William Shakespeare and there will be a series of posts the SEO Notebook that will use examples from Shakespeare to help us to learn how to create delightful content.

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