October 1, 2022

The Expansion of the Internet

The Expansion of the Internet

It is already huge and getting bigger all the time.

The Internet is a big place and it is getting bigger – an expanding universe of content. It is vast and has tools, information and entertainment for any taste or fancy. The Internet also allows us to connect and engage with others in our various communities. For example, let’s say we are very fond of donuts and want to connect with other dedicated fans of donuts.

The Internet offers the following ways to connect (just to name a few):

  • Your Blog: I am a (self-proclaimed) authority on donuts
  • Twitter: I’m eating a #donut
  • Facebook: I like donuts
  • Flicker: Over 1 billion photos of donuts
  • Foursquare: This is where I eat donuts
  • YouTube: Here is my cat eating a donut
  • LinkedIn: I am good a eating donuts
  • Pinterest: Here is a recipe for my favorite donut
  • G+: I work for Google and eat donuts

OK – a bit of humor but let’s now look at two significant factors that are going to make the Internet even more valuable and more sweeping.

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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

A Mobile-Ready Website

Better Website Design

Mobile Ready Website Design


Is your website mobile-friendly? If not then the time is getting close when your position in search may be affected. Google’s newest algorithm change is about to go into effect soon (April 21st). Many website owners are concerned.


The hope of Google is that you are ready. Are you?

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The Challenges of Real Estate SEO

The Challenges of Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEO - A Real Challenge


The digital real estate competitive landscape is getting tougher and more sophisticated. There are big names such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com that have vast resources and are committed to online dominance.

Without a well designed SEO strategy followed by consistent execution, it’s very difficult for a real estate company to maintain position in search let alone improve it.

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Sharing and Content Marketing

Your Shareable Content

You spend time creating your content but do you help to make your content shareable? Delightful and shareable content is valuable to you and valuable to the people who are exposed to it – after all it is delightful! Your content needs to connect with your audience to be shared. When shared it spreads the word about you, your business and your content.

Content Marketing and Sharing

Whether a tweet, a blog post a video or a status update, everyone wants their content to engage with their audience. For organizations and professionals, that engagement has important and practical value.

Here are some points to consider to help you get your content shared.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – It Starts with a Plan

Social Media Marketing - It Starts with a Plan

Here is a blog post for everyone at the EVA (and others too!). It is on social media marketing and was presented at the EVA Lunch & Learn on March 25th. The Prezi (a presentation), at the bottom of this post, is the Prezi used at the EVA Lunch & Learn and here is a summary of what is in the Prezi.

Do some up front research . . .

  • Know your audience
  • Know what you want to be to your audience
  • Determine what your audience wants
  • Determine what your audience needs
  • Understand where they spend their time (facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest . . .)
  • Know what problems your audience is trying to solve
  • Define how you can (will) add value

Define your plan . . .

  • Define specific goals and objectives
  • Determine your measurement system
  • Define goals that push you but that are attainable
  • Make sure your goals are time bound

Your strategies must be connected with your business objectives and resources.

Social Media Marketing is a new marketing model.

This new model requires you to learn how to:

  • Interact
  • Share
  • Add Value (delight!)
  • Engage

It is important to build up a body of delightful and high-value content in your center of content (your website and blog).

You need to do the work to gain views, likes, shares and to start conversations.

There are 2 delightful (of course!) and insightful (yeah!) videos in this Prizi.


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Hummingbird Friendly Content

Hummingbird Friendly ContentIs Your Content Google Hummingbird Friendly?

When you set up a new website page or write a new blog post is it all about you and your self-serving objectives? If this is the case then you are likely to limit your search exposure with your content marketing.

Google is now starting to rank content based on user search intent and the context of the content itself. You need to understand this and make an effort to mesh with this. To mesh with the search engines drives quality traffic and this can lead to higher conversion rates.

Here are some ideas to help your content stand out. These types of content work well for humans and as content ideas in today’s SEO environment.

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Keep People on Your Site

Keeping People On Your SiteHow Well Does Your Website Keep People On It?


Keep People on Your Site


So you’ve worked hard to get to a high position in Google for a number of important keyword phrases. However, you note that people who reach your site using these keywords leave quickly or bounce away.

You are not engaging your visitors that reach your site when they reach your site with your best keyword phrases. What a waste!


What can you do?

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Essential Content Marketing Skills

Essential Content Marketing SkillsEssential Content Marketing Skills

Here are some ideas on how to develop your content marketing team. The skills presented here are essential skills. You need to have the proper skill set and this will help you to define the skills which can help you to identify the people.

If you are a marketer using content marketing and looking to move up in search position or need to find and engage clients then this post will give you ideas on what kind of skills are needed.

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