October 3, 2023

A Nice Hike – A Nice Blog Post

Content Marketing, Blogging and HikingA Nice Hike Can Be Like A Nice Blog Post

Content Marketing

This past weekend I decided to go on a short hike but I still wanted to reach a worthy destination. This can also be the hallmark of a great blog post or cool content marketing piece. You can take the reader on a short journey and still bring them to something special . . . something that has a good payoff.

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Content Marketing & Post and Beam Construction

Content Marketing - Like Post and Beam ConstructionContent Marketing & Post and Beam Construction

Looking Through a Content Marketing Lens

When you look at things using a certain lens you start to see things in terms of that lens. I often look at things from a content marketing perspective. This is a useful lens for me and when it seems I can view most anything through this lens and it has meaning to content marketing.

Here is an example.

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